Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm almost a week late in posting about the trip. We got home from vacation last Monday night, but it's been nutty at work ever since.

The Marquette trip was fantastic. I've posted some pictures here. The pics might load a little slowly, and for that I apologize. Just open it in a new window and let it load in the background, you know?

Hey, remember that Rhogam shot I told you about? You know, the shot-in-the-tooshie that cost me $134.14, that my insurance company first said they wouldn't cover, and then said they'd cover but with a $60 co-pay? Yeah, that one. Well, it's a funny story...

While on vacation, for reasons unrelated to this post, I had to pay a little visit to a doctor in Marquette (no big deal, everything is fine) and since it was after hours and my doctor's office was closed, they requested my records from the hospital back home. Bla bla bla, I mentioned in passing to the doctor that I'd had a Rhogam shot the Friday before, and she screwed up her eyes and asked, "Why did you have a Rhogam shot? It says here that you are O-positive!"

Long story short, after a few calls to the doctor back home, it turns out that I am NOT Rh-negative, and did not, in fact, need a Rhogam shot in my bootie, putting me out at least $60 and a half day of work. Somebody had transcribed the results of my blood-typing incorrectly at some point and it came back to bite me in the butt at 28 weeks.


Grr. Grrrrrr grr. Grr. Blood will flow in the streets of Raleigh! Heads will roll! Do not mess with the pregnant lady!

Well, not really. I'm sort of over it now. No harm was done in having the shot unnecessarily, the doctor's office is going to reimburse me for the whole thing, and I won't sue them or anything. But I will consider leaving burning bags of doggie-poop on their doorsteps.

In other news, we are in the midst of a dog-sitting marathon. We've got Dianaverse's dog Daisy for 2 weeks, and Peace & Fuzzy's dog DOTi for a 4-day weekend. And, The Goofch has been sick with a case of pancreatitis for the past week or so. It's a puke-tastic fun-a-thon around old Camp Windy Woods, let me tell you. We're cooking chicken and rice for The Goofch, since it's all he can keep down. At least he has a good selection of buddies to play with and keep his mind off the bellyaches.

On Friday, some colleagues threw us a baby shower at work, and it was SO MUCH FUN. I just love showers and parties, and of course the pressies are lots of fun, too. We got some terrific baby furniture, travel stuff, clothes, blankets, and some handmade things that are so pretty, I'm not sure I can stand to ever let a baby spit-up onto them. This kid is going to be outfitted in style. Mostly I appreciated all the well-wishes and nice words from my friends at work. I've said it before, but it's true: I work with the most terrific people I could ever hope for.

Not much else going on, except that it's hot and muggy all the time, and it feels worse to me because of this big heating pad attached to my torso. Still walking or biking every day, but I've cut out the lunchtime activity. It's just too miserable. I've taken to walking with a frozen water bottle and holding it to my neck, head, arms, belly, back,...

When, oh when will autumn come?!


PartnerInCrime said...

Love the pictures. Too cute.
I would be seriously pissed about the Rhogam shot. It's nice that your doctor's office is reimbursing you, but still. I think the flaming bags of dog poop are totally in order.

alphagal said...

With all the dogs at my house, I have a great supply of dog poop.
But it seems that the problems I've had are administrative problems. SNG had a good point that (except for that one incompetent technician) I've been really happy with the doctors and nurse-pracs. They're very sharp and easy to communicate with. They just need a better record-keeping system.