Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cankles and Other Fun Stuff-- Prenatal Whining Warning

On Monday I went in for my 30-week visit and used the opportunity to raise some heck about the superfluous shot-in-the-behind and get a copy of my complete medical records. If you or someone you know is expecting, I'd suggest that they get a copy of at least their most recent ultrasound and basic bloodwork results from the Ob chart. That way, if they ever need medical care outside of normal office hours, especially away from home, they won't have to wait for the provider to track down records before providing medical attention. This was a suggestion made to me by the doctor in Michigan, and I think she had a really good point. So we got my records, SNG scanned them into a PDF, and I've got it stored on the memory stick that lives on my work badge. And good timing, with three more trips to go before I'm grounded.

FYI, the MI doctor said that the things they most needed to know were whether I had gestational diabetes, my blood type, and whether I had a previa placenta (if I said that right-- it's where the placenta sits really low and can be a little troublesome). Anything more is lagniappe.

While I was at my doc on Monday, he asked whether I'd had any bleeding gums, swelling in the extremities, etc. I was so proud that I've had no bleeding gums, and the only swelling I've had was my ankles when we drove home from Michigan-- and 20 hours in the car with make ANYONE's ankles swell up.

I spoke too soon. By the time I got back to my office, my right ankle had doubled! I had a cankle! Just one! And it was so uncomfortable!

I decided that it could have been caused by a lot of things, including eating too much sugar, not drinking enough water (that's unlikely- I drink a lot of water), sitting at my desk too much (better go home from work, aww shucks!) and not elevating my feet enough.

I spent Monday and Tuesday with my foot elevated, and sleeping with 5 pillows at night (head, front support, back support, under feet, and squeezed in my arms). It didn't help. I had still been walking and doing water aerobics, but that didn't help much. Then yesterday afternoon I switched to tennis shoes at work, and cut out sugar for the whole day. Today the cankle is gone, replaced by my a normal ankle again. We'll see how long that lasts. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I made it to 30 weeks without swelling feet, and even still it's just one ankle. A lot of women start getting swelling in 2nd trimester.

Today I visited my dentist, who was pleased with the status of my teeth and gums. He agreed that not visiting the dentist while pregnant will cause you to have a 3-headed baby, but also suggested that if I didn't like my job, I could quit and take the 3-headed baby on tour. We'd make a fortune. But, alas, I have visited the dentist, so no circus babies for us. Sorry, SNG. It could've been our big chance at fame.

What else? Next week I'm teaching in Chicago. I want to figure out a way to teach in tennis shoes. Maybe if I stay behind the desk the entire time? After Chicago I leave almost immediately for a long weekend in Austin with all the girls. Can't wait!


PartnerInCrime said...

Dude, you are 30 weeks pregnant. You are *entitled* to teach in tennis shoes. Or at least go get some of those clogs like all the doctors and nurses wear. (Dansko is a good brand for that.)
There's a woman in my pre-natal yoga class who's 32 weeks along, and she also had only her right ankle swell up. It seems strange that it would happen only on one side, but I suppose that's not even close to being the weirdest thing that happens to our bodies during pregnancy.

alphagal said...

The nice thing about only 1 cankle is that you have a point of reference to prove that it's not really "fat ankles." ;-)

SNG said...

I ofered to buy her some "crocks" and she locked me out of the house during the hottest part of the day.

PartnerInCrime said...

Well, I can't say I blame her for that. Crocs are hideous. Even the Manolo objects:
Shoes are not meant to be cleaned in the dishwasher. That is just wrong.

Jim said...

If you stay behind the desk, you can do the newscaster thing and wear shorts as well as the tennis shoes.

alphagal said...

Now THERE'S a plan!!