Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First things first: A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to my cousin PartnerInCrime who recently learned that she and LeBon will be parents in February. She's due on Groundhog Day, which is toooooo cool. I'm pleased as punch to have a little bitty cousin almost the same age as IHPE on the way. Even though she's in Seattle, I'm sure these kids will grow up together anyway! We also have another bitty-witty girl cousin due VERY soon in Asheville. All this baby excitement! There's definitely something in the water.

Wednesday I left for New York and was reminded of the reality of summertime air travel. Our flight left late because of air traffic at La Guardia, then we weren't allowed to land when we got there because of air traffic. On Friday, we flew home late because of air traffic, because the incoming plane wasn't allowed to land due to air traffic. Then we sat on the departing runway for another 45 minutes due to air traffic. I always wonder how it is possible that the airport doesn't know we're coming, or leaving, literally months ahead of time. And if they do, in fact, know that we're coming, why not plan accordingly? Imagine a similar situation with family:

Mom: Hi honey, we're going to visit you in Raleigh next month!
Me: Oh, that's awesome, mom! We can't wait to see you!
Mom: We'll be in on July 28.
Me: Super. See you then.

a month later...
Mom: Hi, sweetie, we're all packed up and about to hit the road to come visit!
Me: Oh, you better wait a few days. We planned for 6 other guests to come stay at the house.
Mom: Oh, gollygeewillakers. Well, OK, we'll leave in a few days.

a few days later...
Mom: Hi, sweetie, we're about 2 hours from Raleigh, and wanted to make sure you'd be home to let us in!
Me: Oh, no, sorry mom. Those people I invited? Well, they've left but I've got 8 more people showing up in about 30 minutes. You'd better find a motel in Greensboro for a week or so.
Mom: Well, OK, but your dad has a bike club meeting in 10 days.
Me: Oh, no problem!!! There will DEFINITELY be room for you in 2 more days.

2 days later...
Mom: We're just outside Raleigh!
Me: Oh, sorry mom, we're really busy with MORE guests that we planned for, and I've already made THEM wait 9 days so you'll need to wait a little longer...

I don't know about your mom, but mine would just come to the house anyway and sleep on the living room floor if I tried to pull something like that. But the airports? Well, we can't be rude. We must wait until air taffic control invites us.

None of this would really be a big deal, as I'm used to airport delays and sitting on runways for hours at a time. It's all part of the road warrior territory. What bothers me is doing all of this while big and pregnant. There's almost no more uncomfortable place to be than seated in an airplane seat while big and pregnant. I'd rather do yoga Sun Salutations for 3 hours than spend 45 minutes sitting in an airplane seat while big and pregnant.

That reminds me- I have a few pregnant lady pictures, and I've posted them here. The contrast of having a giant belly and normal everything else is funny. The big belly makes my butt look tiny, which is kind of cool (sorry, no pics of my butt). On the other hand, I once saw a naked man a the beach who was built about like I am now- boobs, giant belly, little butt and legs. It was one of the scariest things I've seen in my whole life. He was also very hairy. And, did I mention?, naked.

OK, back to the NY trip. I had a good time in spite of the travel discomfort. Fuzzy asked me to try out a restaurant for him called The Modern, which was quite good. Best of all, I had company! One of my students, who was from Albany and also had nothing to do, went walking with me after class and to dinner on Thursday evening. It's always nicer to have someone to eat with on trips.

This week I'm home (yay!) and it's the last week in the office before we go on the Marquette trip. Driving for 3 days there and 2 days back is something I am dreading more than sitting on the runway at La Guardia. But, our traveling companions are terrific, and we're renting a minivan with a bench seat I can lie down on some of the time. Stopping every 45 minutes should be memorable. And once we get there, we'll have a fabulous time. No doubt you'll hear some bellyaching about it afterwards.


SNG said...

Nice melon!

PartnerInCrime said...

THANK YOU for finally posting those pictures. You look so cute!! And man, your hair has gotten long. I think that's the longest I've seen it since we were kids.

alphagal said...

Thank you!!
I had it longer when SNG and I got married, but promptly cut it short afterwards. I'll probably trim it a few inches after the baby is born, but I kind of like it long right now.

mom said...

You think that's big? You ain't seen nuthin' yet! Think large beach ball! Some time in August or early September. Your due date was 1 day later than IHPI's, You're the same height as I am, so your "coming out" should coincide with mine.
The pictures are great!
Love, Mom

alphagal said...

Greetings from two zip-codes!
Woo, I'm afraid I'm going to outgrow normal maternity clothes! Anyone got an old Timerline tent I can convert into a sundreess? Or would it be better to go for the low-rise pants with the crop-top and GIANT belly-gap in between? Then I could just wear the same stuff from last April.

PartnerInCrime said...

I like the low-rise and crop top idea. Very Britney.