Friday, September 30, 2005

A Pig Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever.
No, it's not a phrase spied on a t-shirt in Tokyo, or something that emerged from babelfish. It is the sign introducing you to a Red River Hog at the San Diego Zoo. And it may have to become my .sig file.

The Red River Hog has hairy ears like my grandfather had. I suspect that when he's old and wrinkly, SNG will have them, too. But for now his ears are super-cute. And an SNG of beauty is a joy forever.

This week I went open water swimming with a colleague who's really into boating but had never tried kayaking before. So I let him use one of our 'yaks to shadow me and keep the powerboats from plowing over me. It was quite a symbiotic thing we had going-- I was slow enough that he was under no pressure to pick up Mad paddling skilz in a hurry, and I needed a human shield. I swam for 90 minutes, with about 15 of them hanging onto the bow of the boat watching the clear blue sky fade into a purple-and-orange sunset. Did I ever tell you how nice it is in NC in the fall?

No trips for a couple of weeks. Instead I'm supposed to be writing a course for a customer that is contingent on their signing some legal document, which was due last Monday, but is still not yet signed, so I can't start the work yet. And if they wait much longer, I will be on the road again and their course will have to wait until next year. So in the meantime, I'm catching up on all the nifty programming projects I had put off for the last few months.

OK, that was seriously boring to most of you so I'm going to exit stage left. Have a great weekend! It's a PERFECT 10 on the weather channel's Fitness Forecast for this afternoon, so by the time you read this, I'll be cavorting with the birds and the trees!


SNG said...

Perfect 10? It's much more like "overcast" than "partly cloudy" but it's still better than 90-something and humid.
I'm still looking forward to leaving the office to go ride my bike!!!

alphagal said...

Hey, who am I to criticise TWC's rating system? It sure feels nice outside to me! It's overcast but fairly dry, about 71 degrees, calm winds. Aaaaaah. Days like this I can't decide whether I like having a window in my office or not- it's a bit like living upstairs from a bakery. Looks so good, but tempts so bad...

PartnerInCrime said...

Not really related weather news: I got super excited this weekend because we actually had some thunder & lightning, which we almost never have. We get a lot of drizzle in the NW, but it hardly ever really rains, and I miss the drama of thunderstorms. I wanted to go outside & dance around in the puddles to celebrate, but LeBon thought it might not be a good idea. Party pooper. :)
Love the "pig of beauty" line. Very random.