Thursday, October 14, 2004

Did You Watch Any Of The Debates?

I think for most of us decided voters, the debates were just a good excuse to go do some yardwork, take a nighttime bike ride, catch up on all the overdue loofah-ing that was ignored in the last 2 months, or go to bed early.

I mean honestly? Anyone who is not a decided voter by now has either been under a rock for 4 years or is late for a date with a straightjacket. Oh, that also goes for anyone deciding to vote Bush in '04.

Which reminds me. File under "gee, we've come a long way, and no, political correctness is NOT a bad idea," Tony is currently working on a project that was built in the 50s, and at the time was officially known as an "Idiot Colony." Idiot, for those not quite up to speed on their psychological lingo, was one of the (now antiquated) terms used to refer to the mentally handicapped. Makes it sound like "idiocy" is a communicable disease, like leprosy. And speaking of leprosy, we got to see lots of dead armadillos while we were back in TX last week. Ahhh, home sweet home.

Back on topic. We did accidentally watch about 5 minutes of the first debate. All we caught was a lot of Bush smirking, then lying, then smirking some more. We turned it off once we realized that our ears were ringing from yelling at the TV so loudly. Here's a snippet of the transcript:

J Lehrer: Mr president, question

Bush: lie, lie, lie

(JL: Mr Senator, question)


B:(smirksmirksmirk snarf!!)

JL:So, Mr President, question

B:lie,lie,lie misunderestimate nookyooler lie

JL:mr senator...


(catandtony): did you ever hear Kerry say ANYTHING? No, I didn't. Did you?

Ah, I've got to go vote tomorrow. Then perahps I'll find some kind of inner peace. Hey, this is the first time I've ever lived in a battleground state! Who'da thunk NC would be a battleground state!

Don't forget: vote early and often.


Schmogo said...

My ears are ringing just thinking about it. My ears also start to ring when I hear anybody talking about W doing well in the debate. Or, as he would say, "doin' good".
Debating is hard work, afterall.

Cindy B said...

I missed the first one altogether, saw part of the 2nd one, and watched all of the 3rd one. I managed to not scream at the TV while Kerry was talking, but I kept making choking/gagging sounds every time W opened his mouth.
Have you noticed that W's eyebrows and his mouth always seem to be in conflict with each other? His lips are smiling (well, smirking) but his forehead is scowling. Classic sign of a liar.

Alphagal said...

Did you know that he did not have a thick Texas accent when he ran for governor the first time? He cultivated the accent after learning that people wanted to see someone who was more like "one of the good ol' boys." Even his accent is a lie.
He gives people with southern accents a bad name.