Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Summer Movie Fest!

My summer movie watching list includes all sorts of greats from the MegaCorporateMovie rental place that I'd never *pay* to rent. Back in June we enrolled in the "rent all you want as long as you don't take more than 3 at a time" program at MCM rental place. This is intended to serve 2 purposes- to make up for having no cable TV at home and to have movies to watch on long boring plane trips.

After the initial gleam of All Those Movies We Missed In The Theatres, we quickly realized that there are a LOT of crap movies there on the shelves. We're working through them on at a time.

We saw "Once Upon A Time in Mexico." Oops, nope, make that "in The Midlands." "In Mexico" would have meant that we actually read the ENTIRE title on the box.

We watched it anyway.

We rented everything in French with English subtitles. I know why they like Jerry Lewis. The French have no Funny.

Tony rented all the Scary Movies. I rented anything with John Cusak in it. Oh yes, ANYTHING. Ever seen True Colors? No? Lucky, lucky you.

We rented long stuff, we rented short stuff. We rented the entire first season of Six Feet Under-- and then they hid the 2nd season from us. Now I have to wait to find out whether the mother picked Hiram the Corn Flake or Gorbachev the Florist or became a lesbian instead.

We rented anything with pretty food images. We rented stuff we've already seen. We've even rented stuff we already own.

So we don't sound quite so desperate, we rented stuff on DVD that we already had on VHS because the VHS has no extras. Gotta see the deleted scenes. OK, maybe that's still pretty sad.

Last night we watched Life Without Dick. There was a trailer for another Sarah Jessica Parker film called If Lucy Fell. That's next on the list. Yes, I am using previews from bad movies to decide which other bad movies I'm going to rent. But what I really want-- the Golden Butterfly of my DVD Dreams-- is the entire Airport series. These movies, made throughout the 70's, were about mid-air plane disasters that had famous big-deal actors in them, and apparently were successful at the time. They were so wonderful that Airplane, which parodied these films, was not quite as funny as the originals. I have only seen one of them-- airport '77-- and I want to see them all. I want to have a series of Airport watching parties at my house and invite people to come dressed as their favorite stars from the Airport films. Anyone wanna play Charleton Heston? Or maybe Dean Martin is more your type.


Dave said...

I would come as either the token nun, the alcoholic priest or the fidgety guy with the mysterious black brief case ;)

PartnerInCrime said...

I seem to remember that "If Lucy Fell" was kind of depressing. Consider yourself warned. But I liked "Life Without Dick", even though it was completely stupid.
You must, must, MUST watch the 2nd season of "Six Feet Under". Next week is the season finale of season 3 on HBO, and I am soooooo looking forward to it!

Cat said...

Yeah, I liked Life Without Dick also. It was good for light summer movie watching. And, my standards aren't that high. :-P

Dave said...

I'm quite stoked that all the video stores seem to be doing this now (not just Netflix, which is great - if you don't mind waiting 3 days for your movies to arrive ;) ).
I've just signed up for the MVP pass at Hollywood Video, you can have any 3 movies out at a time for $10 a month. It's a great idea...
I'm also renting all those cheesy horror/sci-fi movies that I wouldn't normally pay for ;)

PartnerInCrime said...

...And you'll be watching them alone, sweet pea. :)