Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday was our 3th annual Guy Fawkes Day celebration. Ordinarily, this is the "premier get together in the woods and burn stuff" event of the year.

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However, this year, Raleigh has experienced a drought of historic significance and we're under strict burning restrictions. Besides, living in the woods right now means we're living in the middle of hundreds of acres of top-quality dried kindling. So, no fire this year. However, we did build the monuments and burned them, along with Guy Fawkes, played by a paper dinosaur this year. We just couldn't justify burning the big scarecrow when we're not even allowed to wash our cars or water our plants.

No, sadly, no toasted marshmallows or exploding 2-liter-bottles on the flames, but we did have lots of good food and beer and great company. And that's half the fun anyway. And next year? We're talking major burnination.

The rest of the pictures are here.

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