Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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I still don't have a whole lot to say, but I have enjoyed reading PartnerInCrime's daily blogging so much this month, I should post more frequently. So if my babbling is boring, feel free to click to something more interesting. Otherwise, I'm glad you're here! Hi!

The rest of Thanksgiving weekend was terrrrrrific. On Saturday, SNG's mom watched e-baby all day while we excavated the upstairs attic. We have 2 attics: one over the dining room, accessed from an odd little door in e-baby's closet (oh yeah, there will definitely be monsters living in there someday) and a larger attic above the 2nd floor. The upstairs attic has been overtaken by the ghosts of Christmas Past. I don't know how we ended up with so much Christmas crap. We had 4 boxes of small empty boxes and countless boxes and bags of gift wrap, lights, ornaments, tree stands ("Honey, where's the tree stand?" "We don't have one." "Let's go buy one today." "OK!"), tags, bows, Christmas-themed tchotchkes, socks, boxer shorts, sweaters, turtlenecks, you get the picture. We had all our moving boxes from the last move, and wanted to give them to Peace and Fuzzy who move into their new house this weekend. There were also several boxes mysteriously labeled "clearing clutter at Peach Haven." I think this means we shoved all objects from dresser-and table tops into boxes so we could put our old house on the market. Old ticket stubs rested side-by-side with vases, a food dehydrator, a blues harmonica, and some costume jewelry. Most of that stuff ended up in the trash or at Goodwill.

It was so nice to have the attic taken care of, but it took all of Saturday plus part of Sunday to accomplish.

On Sunday I made about 10 dozen pecan-raisin hermits. The recipe says they have to sit in an airtight container at least 2 weeks before serving. I dunno, they tasted pretty good fresh out of the oven. They tasted even better fresh from the mixer. While I baked, SNG put up Christmas decorations. But that'll be another post with pictures.

By Monday I was asking "Is the holiday over already??"


Lizard Breath said...

I love this time of year normally. The baking is so much more fun, people seem to appreciate it more. Its even better now that Miss C gets to hang out in the kitchen and bang her little spatula on the counter while I cook. I swear I talk like the Food Network folks when we cook together. Too much fun!

PartnerInCrime said...

I so wish I had a house with an attic. Or a basement. Or anyplace for storage other than our garage. That'll be a goal for the next place, for sure.
Our Christmas tree stand is in our front yard. No lie. It's been there since we got rid of last year's tree and needed a place to dump the icky water. How white trash are we? Very!
I love that picture of e-baby. I know you said you don't send Christmas cards, but you could totally take a picture of her in that outfit and make that your Christmas card photo. So cute!

Mom said...

That is such a great picture of BOTH of the ladies! You can tell they were each enjoying the heck out of the other! Granny should make that her Christmas card pic!
Can't wait to see you all at Xmas!