Friday, November 23, 2007

"You're not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore!" Jack Black

We had a nice Thanksgiving with SNG's parents and Dianaverse here at the house, along with teenykitty and Daisy the Dog. Against my best judgement I woke up at 6:00, and since I couldn't sleep any more, started cooking. Six hours later everyone showed up and we ate tooooo muuuch. We had 3 pies (blueberry, pumpkin, and key lime). E-baby had a bit of pumpkin pie and key lime pie with Reddi Whip. She squealed for the new delight of Holiday treats.

We digested. We ate antacids for 2nd dessert. Sorting through newspaper circulars in preparation for the Friday shopping extravaganza, SNG's mom, Dianaverse and I told stories of, and laughed at, those goofy people who would be waiting at the Kohl's at 4am or at Circuit City at 5am the next morning, waiting to bombard the doors for the best deals. Silly, silly silly. Why on Earth would you get up so early on a non-work day? Who's accountable to the poor employees who are there an hour or 2 before that? Must be a maniac to do that kind of thing.

And who has insomnia and occasionally wakes up at 5am and can't find anything to do while everyone else in the house in still sleeping?

I was at Sam's by 6:00 and could have purchased a Wii. I found SNG's Christmas present (not a Wii). A friend of mine was also there, a fellow insomniac-not-maniac. Sam's served free breakfast. The breakfast-chaperone was not happy to be at work since 3am. I sympathized and told her that the marketing execs who made the decision to open at 5 should be required to man the store. We were fast friends. I was home before e-baby woke up. Happy day-after-Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that my child seems to have inherited her dad's sleeping habits instead of mine.

The Sam's trip combined with the (daylight) shopping trip with SNG's mom and Dianaverse means that nearly all our holiday shopping for the year is finished. Yay!


Lizard Breath said...

You were a door buster, go Alphagal!

PartnerInCrime said...

Wow, and I thought setting off for Target at 1 p.m. (on Saturday) with the baby was hardcore, but you so beat me.