Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We had a good time enjoying the weather this past weekend. Saturday morning, we hiked over to the state park to participate in the Walk/Run/Festival for Umstead, walked the walk, listened to bad folk music, and hiked home.

Sunday, SNG did some yardwork while I (sigh!!) swept and mopped all the floors. "Hey!" you say, "You're not supposed to be doing that! You have a bi-weekly housecleaning service!" Correction: I HAD a semi-weekly housecleaning service until the couple who runs the business went splitsville, and the husband who got custody of the business fled for Florida and apparently isn't coming back. BTW, they still have my housekey. So yeah, I was cleaning. In ALL my spare time.

Our respective tasks finished, SNG came in and announced that he was going to wash the cars. I don't know why he does this. The cars run fine regardless of how dirty they get. And when you wash a car, it just gets dirty again a few months later. Announcement made, SNG marched out to the garage, only to return, looking sad and forlorn because he was all out of car-washing soap.

SNG: I got no car-washing soap!!
ME: So?
SNG: How am I gonna wash the cars?
ME: Use Palmolive.
SNG: I can't use Palmolive!!
ME: Why not? That's what my dad always used.
SNG: Car paint isn't the same now as it used to be. You can't use Palmolive. You have to use car soap. I've got to go to the store and buy some.
SNG: But it's so nice outside, I want to wash the cars!
ME: It's so nice outside, there are so many other things we could be doing!
ME: Fine, whatever. Go wash the cars. I'll watch the Mythbusters marathon.
(SNG leaves. Returns 30 seconds later)
SNG: I have an idea that will make both of us happy.

10 minutes later, we were in helmets, e-baby was strapped into her trailer, and we were riding our bikes over to the Lowe's Home Improvement store 7 miles down the road. SNG ran in, took about an hour and a half, during which time I made friends with the guy who's head of the local randonneurs club (he's an old guy, dad- and he rides a Seven) and the french-speaking fellow who rounds up the shopping carts. Upon his return, SNG had... string for the edge trimmer.

SNG: They were out of car-washing soap.
ME: The cars will have to wait until next weekend.

I still say why bother? They'll just get dirty again.

But the bike ride was nice.

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Mom said...

Your Dad is so proud of you both! Your priorities are right! Bike first!
L, Mom