Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just a couple of random thoughts.

I've posted the first round of Easter pictures on Flickr. I'll add more pictures when the CD of mom & dad's gets here.

This weekend, it's a girls going wild weekend. SNG is heading up to DC for Fuzzy's bachelor party, so e-baby and I will catch up on our shopping. I hope Dianaverse will want to go shopping, too, because e-baby's opinions about clothes and shoes and handbags are all the same: "Mmmm, delicious." **chomp**


AmazonQueen/Twinkie2 said...

I had seen these earlier (I'm a sneak!!) and was glad you got some Bluebonnet shots. Driving I noticed them and...well...great minds.
It is way too funny to note have MUCH TALLER you are compared to Tia Tuti in these photos.
Hey!! It looks SNG was "checking out" that "chick" in the shorts and red shirt. What was that about?

Christa said...

Hallo Cat,
I have problems with Jims blog, so I will publish my 2 cents here.
Our friend Agnes, (you know her) in earlier days always had long fingernails. She used them as skrew drivers when she was working on her old Mercedes Benz or to make a hole into the alumimun lid of a motor oil can. She always had very old cars, they needed a lot of oil.
PS: e-baby gets cuter all the time.

Alphagal said...

Twinkie2- Alas, Tuti still has a good 1/2" on me, and with her pilates, it's closer to 3/4" now.
Christa- that's hilarious! Agnes should use that on her list of "six things" if she gets tagged! Fingernails-as-swiss-army-knife.
OK, I'll admit it, I do the same thing myself. Just not with oil cans. But when you have titanium fingernails, why not? :-)

AmazonQueen/Twinkie2 said...

That is what makes it so WILD!! Ebaby on your back wearing the same color cap gives that illusion. It is especially so in the picture of you two walking ahead of SNG (aka-butt shot) at Enchanted Rock. Wild man!!!

SNG said...

Hey now! The only "chick" I was cheking out was the really hot one in the running shorts and black cardigan sweater.
It was really funny, the whole way up Enchanted Rock, E-baby was babbling loudly. So, everyone we passed said hello and tried to add to the conversation. Amazing how she can be so charming...

Christa said...

Well SNG, she is your wifes daughter:-))
By the way, why do they call you SNG? I asked Jim, but he didn't know.

Lizardbreath said...

I can't wait to see how e-baby does next year when she is holding SNG's hand on the way up! She always has a way of making people smile. I just can't wait to meet Catie so I can introduce the two of them. They are bound to be fast friends!

Alphagal said...

Oh, Jim doesn't know because nobody knows. SNG is a secret nickname between Tony and me. Don't worry, it's not dirty or anything. Maybe someday I'll reveal it. Maybe. ;-)