Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hey Spring, You're Welcome to Spend Some More Time Here!
While my cousin hates spring (Who can blame her? eew-- spiders! Delicious haiku, BTW- Funny), I love spring for at least one reason: jogging to work every day. I'm finally losing the baby weight! And not a minute too soon, since I'll be wearing a bridesmaid's dress in 2 weeks that's sized for a version of me without baby weight.

There are other reasons I love spring, aided by my contract with Terminix,who come every 3 months whether I need it or not, and whenever I want them in-between. Because the NEXT season is the one I dread most.

Spiders as big as raquet balls.
Webs as sticky as snotweed.
Poison ivy.
Biting flies.
Ticks. So bad they deserve mentioning twice.

All of that would be bad enough, but summer is also when we see the first of the copperhead snakes warming themselves on the evening asphalt.

All of this and no mention of the oppressive heat? Well, yeah, it gets hot, but I've lived in oppressive heat in 3 different states and I know that what we have here is "miserable" heat. It's not nearly bad enough to qualify as "oppressive." In fact, New Orleans just passes by "oppressive" and goes straight to "suffocating."

But I'll gladly take 5 months of fall, 5 months of spring, and 2 months of winter. Summer can just keep to itself, thank you.


PartnerInCrime said...

Yeah, I'm kicking myself for letting our Terminix contract expire. One of those total accidents caused by Severe Pregnancy Brain. Thankfully, we don't have ticks. Yuck.
And New Orleans definitely qualifies as suffocating. Aye yi yi.

Lizardbreath said...

Can't say I have the same issues here in Socal but I am getting myself ready to accept real winters again once we move near PIC.
Speaking of funky weather, we have wonderful gusts of wind and dust (depending on what part of the city you happen to be in) combined with some serious bands of rain resulting in, yep, you guessed it, idiot drivers! I wish I could jog to work! ;-)