Friday, April 27, 2007

This Month's Amazing Baby Tricks
e-baby turned 7 months old this past week, and it's time to summarize latest accomplishments.

1. Stranger anxiety. Starting about a month ago, she gets shy with new people, and starting 2 weeks ago, she cries when I leave her at day care. Starting a week ago, she cries when someone she doesn't recognize picks her up. The bad part of that is that her beloved Granny got yelled at. The good part is that if anyone tries to kidnap her, I'll hear about it.

2. Baby food savvy. According to her teachers, e-baby is particularly adept at drinking from a cup and eating from a spoon, effectively swallowing and getting most of it into her mouth. Evidence that she really is mine, but calling SNG's paternity into question.

3. Recognizing 3 basic signs. She recognizes, and responds appropriately to, 3 ASL words: "milk" (for nursing), "eat" (for spoon-feeding) and "all-gone" (for, well, no more food).

4. Rolly-motion: She's not crawling yet, but she rolls and rolls and rolls, and can make it across a room (or a large bed) in no time flat. For awhile, she'd do this at night and get stuck in a corner of her bed and cry. Now, she gets to the corner and just rolls somewhere else.

5. Leg-Zerberts: Sitting on the floor next to e-baby, especially in shorts, means she will climb onto your leg and PPPPPPHHHHHTTTTHHHPPPHHHBBBHHH on your knee. Right on the spot where it tickles. This is even sloppier than it sounds.

6. Ballet-dancing: e-baby likes to stand. If you hold her up, she'll jump up and down. If you help her on the jumps, she does a little twinkle-toes-mid-air thing. It's the cutest thing ever.

7. Making jokes: This is definitely the one I am most impressed by. You know how babies around 7 mo old start enjoying watching people play Peek-A-Boo? Well, e-baby likes for us to watch HER do it. It started with us showing her peek-a-boo a couple of times, but now she will grab a blanket, towel, whatever and pull it over her head, while we say "where's e-baby?" and she waits, then she pulls it down real fast and laughs her head off. Then she pulls it up over her head again, etc. She can play this game for hours. I've never heard of a 7-month old taking control of the peek-a-boo game, but maybe I just don't know my peek-a-boo rules. Still, I think it's evidence that she's a genius.

That's what our prodigy progeny is up to this past month. And here's a picture:

Which brings us to #8, Mugging: she knows to smile when a camera is put in front of her face.


Lizardbreath said...

Too funny! I think e-baby's eating abilities do prove her lineage! She wsa waiting for a chance to drink from a sippy cup and eat with a spoon, all of those videos show her trying with nothing in the cups! As far as the playing stuff, that's just genius. She knows she has an audience and makes good use of it. Dianaverse must be proud!

PartnerInCrime said...

That's so awesome - well, except #1. That probably makes your mornings a bit more rough.
I love those pj's. But that stuffed hippo has a kinda scary face.

Mom said...

I love the picture! Can't wait to see the peep-eye!
Last night Granny & Grandpa came over for dinner. Really nice visit and today, G & I spent several hours in IKEA! Then we walked up to Mt Bonnell and finished the day off with a trip to the Wildflower Center. Just about a perfect day!
We stopped at Russell's Bakery for some tea and they had photos on all of the walls for sale. Dianaverse need to find a coffee shop like Russell's that will display and sell her pictures. She's at least as good as this person!
L, Mom

Cat said...

That's "Mrs Hippo" in the picture. e-baby sleeps with "Baby Hippo" in her bed, and Mrs Hippo watches over them both and keeps the bogeyman away. e-baby climbs and chews on Mrs Hippo when she's playing on the living room floor. Sure, she's got big teeth, but she's very sweet.

Cat said...

And we've been telling Dianaverse for years that she could make some money from those pictures. You should see the ones she takes at the State Fair.
Although I think she's particularly talented with nature scenes. As evidenced by the walls in my house and my office.