Monday, April 2, 2007

It seems that I have been tagged. So, here goes.

Six weird things about me:

1. Starting back in high school sometime, every word-based thought in my head gets translated into French, and sometimes, Spanish. SNG already knew this because sometimes my internal dialogue leaks out. And, I don't always know all the words in French (I usually don't know all the words in Spanish, very frustrating), so in my head it'll end up something like:
"Je vois que j'ai ete tagged. Alors, voila. Six choses etranges de moi." (that was the beginning of this blog entry)

2. I talk to myself when no one is around. And I answer myself, sometimes role-playing the people I am "rehearsing" some future conversation with. I rehearse all sorts of future conversations.

3. I prefer free food over anything in my kitchen, and this includes hors d'oeuvres at parties, samples at the grocery store, and berries growing on a vine along a hiking path. Find me a branch of ripe japanese plums hanging over a fence and I'll have lunch right there on the spot.

4. It makes me nuts to see published documents and signs that have been "professionally" produced with poor grammar, punctuation, or spelling. I recently rattled off a letter to a baby food company for their ambiguous punctuation. I mean, really. With all of the out-of-work English majors out there, can't companies afford to have someone proofread things before showing their written material out in public?

5. I never made it the whole way through Dances With Wolves. I tried. I just didn't like the movie.

6. I can eyeball a level/centered object nearly perfectly. So can SNG. After the housecleaners have been to our house and dusted pictures on the walls, we go around re-straightening them. Sometimes we do this at other people's houses as well.

So there you go, those are 6 weird things about me. My dearest friends and family could probably enumerate many, many more.

I'll tag Lizard, Jim, and Twinkie2. Tag! Your turn.

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