Tuesday, June 7, 2005

SNG and I used to have a miniature lop rabbit named Elvis. He was deaf, blind in one eye, and had maloccluded jaw which means his teeth did not line up properly so they couldn't grind down as they grew the way normal rabbits' teeth do. This meant we had to cut his teeth off every few weeks when they'd get long enough to reach to his little pink nose. Talk about tough love. He was pretty crazy looking. He really liked to be scratched on his rump just above his tail. I've since discovered that nearly all animals like to be scratched on the rump.

Elvis also liked splaying himself out on top of towels that had ice blocks wrapped inside. That was because he lived outside in Texas, but wore a Wisconson-grade fur coat.

He was really funny when he'd eat lettuce. He'd basically start at one end and -chomp-chomp-chomp- until he had a long lettuce-cigar sticking out and then he'd bite that in half, and -chomp-chomp-chomp- from another angle, and on until it was gone. One time Elvis repeated this process on a 2'x2' vegetable garden that my father-in-law made for him, which was intended to provide a full summer of tasty treats. He annihilated it in one night, and had a serious case of the bunny-runs over the next week.

I had to get a filling at the dentist this morning. For lunch got a big salad, which I had to eat with one side of my mouth because the numbness hadn't worn off. I thought of Elvis and how he looked better with greens hanging out of his mouth than I do.

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PartnerInCrime said...

Cute story about Elvis the rabbit. I need 2 fillings myself, which I'm procrastinating about because (a) I hate the dentist and (b) I currently have no insurance, at least until LeBon gets me added to his policy.
And for the record, at least 3 of our 4 cats like the rump-scratching too. One seems sort of indifferent as to how you pet him, he's just happy to get the attention. (Figures that the one male cat is the neediest of all of them.)