Friday, June 10, 2005

I LEAVE FOR VACATION ON SUNDAY! SNG is coming up on Wednesday. I wish SNG was leaving on Sunday too. He is so much fun.

In the meantime, it's MAD DASH to get everything done. Fuzzy has to get a draft of his new Design of Experiments course out the door by close of business today. I am trying to get as much as possible done on my Multiple Imputation course (that's Imputation, folks) because if I go 2 weeks without looking at it I'll forget everything I know about MI. My parents' birthdays are both in June (Mom on the 8th and Dad on the 23rd- wish them happy birthdays!!) so I need to go pick up their present tonight. I know what I want to get them, but I haven't bought it yet. As usual, it's something that they don't know that they want, but they do.

And oh, there's the little issue of packing. I don't mind packing so much. I do a lot of it. I've become pretty efficient. But SNG absolutely hates packing. He's generally such a mild-mannered, sweet guy. But if you're smart, you'll find yourself otherwise engaged while he's packing.

A blog may not be the best place for this, but here's my to-do list for the next 2 days:
*work until about 5
*bring home computer, all my Canada hotel info, and my books & notes on MI (optimistic about working in the car)
*feed the dog
(load some more CDs onto MiPOD, throughout the evening)
*go to Best Buy and Quail Ridge for gifts, books, and a pair of 2-way radios
*grab a quick dinner at the Whole Wallet salad bar- pick up some big ziplok bags
*track down our wheelie cooler (and those Passports!!!)
*wash a load of white laundry

(load more CDs on MiPOD throughout the day)
* 50-mile bike ride 9:30am with SNG & kiltman
* lunch at Panera 1:00
* around 2:00 meet Peace and Fuzzy at the rentacar place to pick up the 15-PASSENGER VAN (wooo!)
* go home and shower
* PAAAACK! (make sure that Passport is packed!!!)
* 7:00 everyone comes over to load up the 15-PASSENGER VAN (wooo!) with luggage, bikes, and coolers
* dinner somehow, somewhere, don't know. Not at my house.

But finally, after months of planning and what will surely feel like months of packing, we'll wake up way-too-early Sunday and head off into the wilderness! (make sure that Passport is packed) In a 15-PASSENGER VAN (wooo!).

On the way to Canadia... Fish (who is one of my favorite friends in the world) and his s.o. (who I've only met once but I like her a lot too) recently moved to Pittsburgh, which is the first stop on our northward tour. We'll be seeing them Sunday evening. Yay! It's been WAY too long. My mom, Peace's mom and her grandmother will all be competing on Monday in the Senior Games, so we'll watch them KICK some SRIOUS OLD-LADY BUTT and then jump in the 15-PASSENGER VAN (wooo!) and make a run for the border. Um, the... other... border.

And then on to Montreal. etc.

I'm bringing the computer, so I might be able to give some tour-guide-styley updates from Canadia. I will tempt you with the possibility of guest bloggers! But be warned, we might used (gasp!) real names.

You know, I still don't know why I used aliases. I guess it's just fun to give people names that are descriptive but if I make them mad I can say "Oh, no, that wasn't about you!"

It's not like there are STALKERS out there waiting to pounce on my friends. Are there?

Oh, by the way, the link for the June 8 post was not a Haiku site, just a link to some super-funny line art I found from following a post on The Manolo. I just wanted to write some Haiku to tell you about it. So if you hate Haiku, do not fear the clicky.


Bashö said...

commenting on happenings
in verse is real hard

Alphagal said...

Pepperonis peek
From behind netted curtain:
Mesh shirt on a man

Bashö said...

initial reactions
include stunned silence, disgust,
a wish for blindness

Alphagal said...

It gives new meaning
To Canadian Bacon:
Oh how it burns me.

Bashö said...

For this Bacon,
degrees of separation
should be Celsius

Alphagal said...

Mudslides fall without
warning, violent insults
on our heads daily.
Who should suffer this
abuse from the mesh shirt man
in a work email?

Alphagal said...

It all started from:
Charming like a turd,
Toronto winter freezes
All diplomacy

Bashö said...

As a bird alights
on a barren branch to sing,
courses develop

Alphagal said...

With keen perception,
I know you are telling me
"I must get work done."

SNG said...

Well, it's good to see that you guys in the software industry work as hard as us consulting engineers.
I've put in my 47 hours this week, I think I'll go home. It'll all still be here on Sunday.

SNG said...

Working too hard here
No real end in site for me
I wish I worked in software

PartnerInCrime said...

Terrified, I am
This discussion is too much
Taking a nap now

SNG said...

I wish I was on vacation, too! This sucks. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!
Meanwhile, Alphagal says:
The weather is here-
wish you were beautiful
Where's the vacation blogging?