Monday, June 27, 2005

Boy, HOWDY we had fun. Quebec is a great vacation destination and the people are super-cool and friendly, no matter what you might have heard otherwise. Perhaps it helps to speak French, but heck, the kind of French I speak is so different than Quebecois that half the time we were hand-gesturing anyway. Nice people, beautiful countryside, tasty food, good company.

We did blog for most of the trip, and I'll post the whole thing here later, with some pictures, for you to waste an afternoon on. Be forewarned-- we used real names and half the jokes are inside-jokes. Watch for such crazy antics as:
* putting various body parts "on the glass"!
* car-bicyle collisions!
* 5 1/2 flat tires!
* geezer-jocks!
* moving cars around "Mentos-style"!
* death threats on 70-year-old ladies!
* being mistaken for international terrorists at border crossings!
* kite-eating trees!
* staying in a hobbit house!
* a reunion with a 40+ year-old cruiseship!
* pulling down sections of an actively working Canadian military base!
* over 4 pounds of maple products per person!
* and a pound of butter in 3 days!


Boudreaux said...

Are you for a free and independant Quebec?

Alphagal said...

Everything tastes better with bacon. Viva la Poutine!!!

PartnerInCrime said...

A pound of butter in 3 days sounds... painful. Eesh.