Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dear Diary, Tuesday June 14
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© Today it rained and we explored Montreal on bikes a little. We visited the Lachine canal bike path, made a few laps around the big outdoor farmer’s market although it was already closed. I forgot that up in Canadia, in late June, the sun is out almost all night. Sunset around 9:30 and sunrise around 4.

(J) Nothin’ like a little rain to make you appreciate the sun. We still had a blast, rain and all. We rode on the trails down by the canals. Also, goddess of Magnesia, pray for us!

(T) I was back in RDU at work with senioritis.

(E) It was raining this morning. A lot. We walked to the nearest subway station, Prefontaine, in the rain. I
wish my raincoat went to the bottom of my kilt. The front of each leg gets soaked. We rode the subway over to Place D’Armes and walked into Vieux Montreal. Past Eggspectations, to the Notre Dame Cathederal. It was closed for another 40 minutes. Cat translated the Plaque in the square while we all
backseat translated and tried to avoid reading the english version right below the french one. We went
to the Archealogy museum but decided $11 was too much, I guess we were not that interested. We went to
Forget for lunch. I forget the full name. Great maple sugar pie. We headed back after that.

We then did an easy 2 hour ride through old Montreal and up Lachine Canal. We did a couple of side tours. One of a goofy circle and another of Atwater market. We also threw in a few U turns. Accidental
and otherwise. It was a good inaugural ride to get everyone acclimated to the paths, and the city. We had take out Chinese for dinner because the grocery store was closed. Did I mention that the sun stays up late here?

Trying to read the plaque in Place D'Armes. THere was an English version of it just beneath the French...

This is the hotel we stayed at in Montreal, with the Vanarchy out front.

The Lachine Canal

Eric earned his pocket money by truing everyone's wheels in the basement of the hotel.

OK, so these are out of order. Back at the Lachine canal.

There were dragon boats practicing in the canal. Coooooool.

This is the weird circle E referred to. Right there on the bike path. We had a little trouble getting all of us through it without wrecking...

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