Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Other E-word

My recent insomnia has been put to rest for awhile. It was a combination of things, really, one of which is something that I should have recognized: the other e-word. The one that has allowed me to sleep and keep serotonin balance for so many years, the one that used to be the central focus of many of my blog posts. Exercise.

It occured to me last weekend, as SNG and I trudged up a hill on bikes, e-baby in her trailer behind my bike, that I had not been exercising regularly since the weather turned cold about a month ago. I can't bring myself to put e-baby all Siberian-styley in her baby jogger when it's 20 degrees to jog to work. Over the holidays, there was just so much going on that we never got out for a workout. We have a big gym at work, but the daycare hours are pretty much my work hours plus 15 minutes to drop off and pick up the baby, so there's no time for a lunch workout. It was beginning to feel like there was some sort of conspiracy against my exercising! Gr. Arg.

This week we put e-baby into early care every day so that SNG could drop her off. That freed me to jog in the cold weather alone, and he left the baby jogger at my office on his way. I'm surprised how much fitness I can maintain when all I'm doing is chasing a toddler, so the running hasn't been too hard. Slow, but not hard. But most of all: sleep! Yaaaaaay, sleep! All but one day this week I slept until the alarm clock went off.

Other stuff- Next week I'll be teaching in Memphis, then home a week, then teaching in Hartford. If anyone knows of fun things to do in either place (besides trawling the Graceland gift shop) let me know.

So that was perhaps one of the more boring posts ever. Sometimes you just gotta dig deep and write about something.

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PartnerInCrime said...

Let me know what part of town you're going to be in, and I can probably give you a list of things to do in Memphis. Or at least some good restaurant recommendations.
Good for you with the exercise. I've also slacked off since our rainy season started (which happened to coincide with me going back to work). I miss going out for daily walks with c-baby, but since it isn't affecting my sleep, and I think I'm staying in reasonable shape running after her all the time, I figure we'll just pick it up again in the spring.