Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This post is not for the squeamish.

Sometimes when people find out that I travel for work, they make a comment about the luxury of staying at fancy hotels and eating in fancy restaurants. I've pointed out that expensive hotels are often just as dirty as cheap ones, but this is often met with skepticism.

And then you see something like this. (And don't miss the followup videos linked on that page)

And then you realize, "Hey, that's the hotel I stayed in the last time I was in Atlanta!" $209 a night.

And then you think about the time you came home from DC with fleas. $299 a night.

And then you remember the time you found a suspiciously smelly brown smudge on the bathroom wall in Chicago. $319 a night.

And then you remember the time you found marijuana in the couch cushion in Nashville. That place was actually pretty cheap, like $99.

And the countless occurences of curly hairs in the bed, suspicious-smelling towels, the list goes on.

Superbug spreading in hospitals and daycares? Maybe it only takes the hospitality industry to bring public health to its knees.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for sending the video links. I'm staying in a hotel in Memphis this week, so pardon me while I go buy some bottled water.


jgr4 said...

Wow. Ew. Thanks for the public service anouncement there. I think I'll take the advice from the video and never drink out of a hotel glass again...

PartnerInCrime said...

Oh lord. That is nasty.
When I was moving from Massachusetts to Washington, my mom and I crashed at a motel after driving for over 12 hours one day. When I went to take a shower, there was a black curly hair on the white washcloth. I was too exhausted to make a fuss about it (no way were we changing rooms at that point, especially since we had illegally smuggled my cat and her litter box into the room), but man, that grossed me out. It was a Super 8 or a Best Western, though - not a super-posh hotel. This story totally tops mine. I can't believe you stayed at that place. I'm shuddering in horror for you.
Rock on, bottled water. Either that or scrub the glasses yourself.

Cat said...

I am so never going to drink from a hotel glass again. But what's to stop them from also leaving dirty sheets, towels, coffeepots, not to mention all those boogers on the furniture.