Friday, February 23, 2007

This week I was teaching a class at a local customer site, which meant that I had to commute every day. Class was from 8:45-5, so I had to get there by about 8 each morning. Commute! I don't like to commute, especially if it means leaving the house at 7:30 in the morning. Poor e-baby didn't get "2nd breakfast" those 3 days, and just had to have an extra bottle packed off to school with her. She eats hobbit-style meals: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, dinner, supper. Plus a late-evening nightcap. But I was gone meals 2-4 the last 3 days and missing my little hairy hobbit like crazy.

On the upside, since SNG was on day-care drop off duty, I got to commute in MY car!! :-D The heavens smiled on me this week giving 70-degree afternoons perfect for riding with the top down. If I'm going to have to commute, I may as well do it in style.

This weekend I'm continuing to work on Chuck. SNG's parents, aunt and uncle will be dropping by on Sunday. It'll be a good excuse to make an extra loaf of raisin bread to share. Yum. Happy weekend!

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