Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The breads were good. I made 6 loaves, all (nearly) 100% whole wheat sourdough:
raspberry-filled-chocolate bits (SNG's idea)
plain (2 loaves)
SNG's parents and aunt and uncle had a nice visit with e-baby. She was a little sleepy, but not too grouchy for a Sunday.

In other news, SNG is sick this week. It seems like he caught a flu of some kind- sore throat, feverish, headache... He is quarantined to the guest room and forbidden from touching me or e-baby until he's well since e and I are headed to Seattle next week, and everything about that trip means we cannot be sick: 8 hours in airplanes to get there, PIC's tiny baby waiting for us at the other end, 3 hours time differnce (which is always hard on me), and far, far away from e's doctor. Is it possible to bathe SNG in clorox without making him feel worse? PIC- if we're sick and contagious, we'll stay at a hotel.

There's this funny thing going on right now, and maybe writing about it will help me figure out the puzzle. Ever since my mom went home after e-baby was born, I've had the hardest time losing my pregnancy weight. I blame it largely on the fact that when mom was here, I could get exercise most days. I got back to within 5 pounds of my pre-pr weight in 4 weeks.After she left, winter came on and I wasn't able to get much exercise because it would mean taking e-baby with me jogging, and she shouldn't be out in cold weather so, meh, not much exercise. Once I got back to work full-time, it was even worse because our day-care is only open 9-5, so there's no time to hit the gym over a long lunch hour like I used to do in cruddy weather.

Long story short: I gained back about 6 pounds after mom left. Grrrr.

And then something weird happened. My prenatal vitamin prescription ran out. No, that's not the weird part. That was supposed to happen four months after the baby was born (you know, nursing nutrients and all that). What's weird is that ever since I switched back to regular old Centrum, my weight has been slooowwwlly coming back down. In spite of the sourdough bread and the girl scout cookies.

I'm still 7 pounds up from before I got pregnant, but at least things are heading in the right direction. And with Spring right around the corner, e-baby and I will be jogger-commuting soon.

But why the heck would prenatal vitamins make it hard to lose weight?

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