Saturday, February 10, 2007

My New (ridiculously impractical) Hobby- A photo blog

While the family were in town, my aunt taught me to crochet. I already knew how to make a chain-stitch (mom taught me when I was about 6) but I didn't know how to do anything else, so by the time I was about 8, I was bored with making snakes, hair ties and dog leashes and gave it up. Last week I learned to single- and double-stitch (are they called stitches in crochet?) and I taught myself to cast off, although I might not be doing it correctly.

I actually wanted to learn to knit, but I thought that any hobby that occupies both hands with long, pointy sticks was not the best thing for a new mom with a curious and wiggly baby around. Crochet still occupies both hands, but there's only one stick, and it isn't pointy like a knitting needle, so while it's still not the best use of my time, at least I can't accidentally poke out both of her eyes at one time. E-baby likes to hold the finished parts for me while I work so she's a big help. The drool lends a sort of fairy-dew quality to my doilies.

So I wanted to show you just a few of the wonderful things I've made.

I made an oatmeal cozy

A squash cozy A skirt for e-baby's teddy bear
(thank you Christa and Volker!)

A hat for the teddy bear
A ceremonial armband

A coaster
And a dog scarf

Impressive, no?


AmazonQueen/Twinkie2 said...

Our grandmother would be proud!!
Mom keeps threatening that she is going to send me to knitting classes in SA. It had better be taught by a knitting master because I am just not getting it!
Cool I’ve been added to your links...I feel so special!

christa said...

You are very welcome. I hope she likes the bear. But if I look at the way the colors show, it looks to me that you made one pice and decorated it in different ways. Very creativ.

Alphagal/Twinkie 4 said...

Mea culpa! It is the same thing over and over. But it was just so darn useful. :-) Later maybe I'll show y'all the dog leash, the scarf, the snake, the headband, the gift ribbon, and the cago tie-down that I made. ;-o
e-baby loves the teddy bear-I'll send you a picture!
Twinkie 2-- Knitting is all smoke and mirrors, like double-entry accounting.

Cotterpin/Twinkie 1 said...

I am most impressed. My latest attempt at crochet of any sort was trying to create a Rastafarian hat for Travis's "Bob MOLey" project for chemistry.
(That was one long chain stitch!) :)

Alphagal/Twinkie 4 said...

Holy Avogadro! That's an awesome crochet project. I love it!

AmazonQueen/Twinkie2 said...

I keep forgetting to ask whose cute dog is in the picture.
As to the concept of knitting I TOTALLY agree! I’m thinking I have to get stoned or something before attempting to figure it out. Why must I have the Knitting Queen as a mother!!

Alphagal said...

That's Peace and Fuzzy's dog DOTi. We dog-sit whenever they're out of town, which helps us get that badly needed dog-fix once in awhile.

PartnerInCrime said...

The ceremonial arm band made me laugh out loud. I wonder what on earth that particular color and fabric scheme would represent. A political statement of some sort?

mom said...

I've got an arm band like that! It's the Official Neil Diamond International Fan Club arm band!
Love, Mom