Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm stupidly killing time at my office before heading out for my 4.5 mile walk home to write a blog entry. Why? I don't have anything interesting to say. But there is are scattered thunderstorms heading this way, and I'm just increasing the chances I'll get caught in the weather. Thunderstorms are up there in my top 2 natural fears:
1. Lightning
2. Bears

I'd come up with 3, but the other natural things that frighten me don't come anywhere close to the intensity of the fear of those 2 things. Thank goodness there are very few bear sightings in my part of North Carolina. I'm more likely to be killed my bloodthirsty deer or cattle running loose near the farm down the road than by bears. However, to our east and to our west, there are bears. Stephen Colbert may have put them on alert, but he lives in New York. Who will protect North Carolinians from the bears?

SO... I finished all the books I mentioned last week except for John Adams' biography. Still working on it, but as it's an audiobook, I only listen while I'm walking or jogging. Also reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven. If I could sit still for one evening, it'd be finished. It's an easy read, but so far kind of touchy-feely-feel-goody. Good for an evening of brainwandering. The Adams biography is interesting in part because I always hated history classes in school, but I enjoy historical documentaries and biographies. What I'm really saying is that I had many, many terrible history teachers and memorized many dates which I promptly forgot, and heard very few "stories" in school. So I've been making up for it in adulthood.

Well, there was that term paper on the period of King George III (the third? The second? I forget)and its influence on American architecture I wrote which made for some fun research. And by research, I mean walking around taking pictures of the buildings on SMU campus with my super-cute architecturally knowledgable boyfriend, who you all know as SNG.

I don't remember much about Georgian architecture. I was more interested in the tour guide. ;-)
OK, enough wasting time. I'd better git before the storms get here. If you don't see another entry for a few weeks, assume I've been struck by lightning.

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SNG said...

Being tour guide was fun for me too.
I was lucky that I had some very good history teachers from 7th grade on. Every one of them was better than the History Channel, really. The best ever was Texas History in 7th grade. She was hired as a math teacher and was switched to TX history because someone quit- and yet, fabulous. She is one of the reasons I still like the state of Texas, despite its recent contributions to our future history.