Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A few news pieces...
SNG has a blog! He probably won't update it more than once or twice a year, but right now he has a picture of the shed he built over the weekend. "Good jorb, Hamstrae!" -- Coach Z

SNG built a shed over the weekend. Actually, he and his dad built the shed together. Friday, SNG and I leveled the area where it would go. Saturday and Sunday, SNG and his did the barn-raising. Monday, I painted it while SNG put on the shingles. He's quite a roofer now! We still have to wait for some rain to know whether he's quite a good roofer.

While SNG and his dad built the shed, it pained me to refrain from helping. Y'all know I am quite the handy-girl. I was wielding hammer-and-nails while still in diapers, I had built several pieces of furniture by the time I left for college, and I even learned to arc weld in college (I learned tig and mig welding techniques, go me. And I wasn't half bad at it.). Set me loose with a roomful of power tools and I can build stuff. But the doctor says that I need to avoid heavy lifting and overheating, so it didn't seem like the best time to be building a shed.

So SNG's mom and I worked on some sewing projects inside. I've learned this about sewing my own clothes:
1. It takes far too long for what I get out of it.
2. I'm not good enough at it to modify patterns for the fact that my bust, middle, and hips are 3 different sizes.
3. When I'm finished, I have something that "looks home-made." And not in a good way.
4. Hunching over my little sewing machine is quite painful to my back.
But I did have a great time chatting with SNG's mom all weekend.

In short, I am still not, nor am I likely ever to be, a Domestic Goddess.

Just a regular old Goddess.


PartnerInCrime said...

Nice shed, I'm jealous. We have a shed, but I refuse to go anywhere near it because I'm pretty sure it's haunted.
Seriously. I've never once opened the door to that thing. Nevermind that the door is completely covered in blackberry vines that would slice me to ribbons if I tried. I'm sure that's just the ghosts' way of telling me to keep out. So I shall obey.
Sorry you weren't able to fully participate in the barn-raising, but I'm sure the baby girl appreciated you taking it easy. :)

Katrin said...

Don't you underestimate yourself, Cat!You're a power-tool-and-welding-goddess. The Greeks would have built you a temple with tiny hammers and saws on the columns, and maybe a torch (if they had known about torches back then...)!

SNG said...

What a great idea! Find someone to pay me for all the work I miss, and I'll build a temple to my crafty goddess-wife!
Although, just as I am happy after building the shed not to use a hammer for a living, I'd probably be begging for an army of slaves soon after attempting to carve the first stone column.