Monday, May 15, 2006

Addendum to today's post.
I looked at the website for the Umstead Coalition today. That's the nonprofit group that raises money and awareness for our beloved state park next door.

Look at what's on the main page:

Hint: Scroll waaaaaaaay down.

I emailed SNG to let him know we were part of the public record and he said:

Not fair! The other 85 people didn’t walk there and walk home and show up late and stop to talk to everybody… We know we’re not that slow. I wish they’d left us off the list. Last place, or best at being slow?

To which I say:

We're best at taking time to stop and smell the flowers. And to tee-tee on them.

We had a great time on the walk, but we certainly didn't realize we were being timed. Awesome.

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