Sunday, June 7, 2009

Post-Partum Hair Club

One of the few perks of pregnancy is that, for many of us, your hairs stop falling out of your head. So there you are, fat and tired, but with fabulous, thick hair. For me, my legs also got super freckly, but the freckles go away after a few months (which is really weird when it happens).

And just like the proverbial free lunch, the hair is temporary. I've estimated before the amount of extra hair. Figure a person loses ~100 hairs a day. In pregnancy, say you lose (conservatively) half that. Forty weeks of gestation and that's in the neighborhood of 14,000 extra hairs waiting to take the leap. When the kid is 3 mo old or so, BOING! Hairs everywhere. And now you've still got the normal 100 a day popping off. Over a few months' time, the house, the car interior, and the office become abstract hair sculpture.

SNG won't store his hairbrush in the same drawer with mine. Because the hairs leap onto his brush. I just thought someone might want to know that.


Lizard Breath said...

Why is it you can always make me laugh! MYLY YBFF.

PartnerInCrime said...

The best part is when all those hairs you're currently losing start their regrowth process at the same time. So you get that oh-so-lovely "halo effect" of new little hairs sprouting up all over your head. Argh. Drove me *insane*.

sng said...

No cooties on my brush!