Monday, June 1, 2009

Party, Party Weekend

It's no wonder both children behaved like orcs this morning: that was one seriously busy weekend. It was also seriously fun, so the orciness was worth it.

Friday night we went to see and play and dance along with my friend as he played blues guitar followed by the Raleigh Drum Circle's monthly Rhythmicity. Both my frind and the RDC are celebrities to e-baby now, and she was over-the-moon when she was allowed to play the guitar afterwards.

Saturday morning we went to see Elmo live in concert (do not laugh, I can throw you for distance and will not hesitate to do so). The four of us went with PIC, LeBon, and c-baby. E-baby loved it, c-baby liked it, Jambuca thought it was a bunch of noise for no good reason, and the rest of us thought it was a little too long and way too expensive. Still, I'm glad to have had the experience. I saw at least 3 other mothers I know there with kids e-baby's age, so I felt a little better knowing I wasn't the only one with SesameStreetSucker written on my forehead. I agree with PIC that the most fun part was having lunch together afterwards.

Sunday afternoon was our Joan of Arc day bonfire, also known as the semi-annual burn-stuff-in-our-backyard party. That was super duper extra fun. I would love to throw a party every single weekend, if I could be sure someone would actually come to it. Maybe SNG and I should open a nightclub when we retire. A nightclub with a firepit.

I forgot to take pictures at any events this weekend, but I do have some awesome shots of e-baby and Jambuca doing what they do best that I'll upload to Flickr soon.

Next Friday and Saturday we'll be picking blueberries for the first official weekend of blueberry season, and Sunday we'll be eating blueberry pie, blueberry cobbler, blueberry muffins, blueberry bread, blueberry jam, blueberry pancakes,...If you're hungry, you know I love guests!


Lizard Breath said...

An orc would be a great way to describe my little one as well. She did, however, already ask to go back to the pool. I can only imagine how crazy she is going to get when she figures out her party is Saturday. I have to remember to tell her after she gets up from her nap rather than any other time before then. Any advice?
PS Upload more pictures! We can't get enough of e-baby and jambuca (aka baby a, according to Miss C)

Cat said...

Yeah, since she doesn't yet have the concept of "now" and "later" and "next weekend," it's best not to mention it until closer to the actual event.
I will upload kiddo pictures soon, I promise. I'll also put up pictures of all the gardening we've been doing.

PartnerInCrime said...

C-baby doesn't have much of a concept of time either, so I usually don't mention stuff until the actual day of the event.
Are y'all coming with us for the train ride on Sunday? I need to email you the link. You're free to bring blueberry muffins with you, if you'd like. :)