Friday, May 15, 2009

Learning about Laryngitis

I caught a cold last week and lost my voice (again!!), which was bad timing because I also had to teach all this week. Luckily, my co-instructor could cover for me when I couldn't go on for all the coughing. Oh, and extra bad timing because Thursday night I was scheduled to give the speech at the Teacher's Appreciation Dinner for e-baby and Jambuca's daycare.

So yesterday, desperate to get my pipes back, I did some Googling on laryngitis. From all the reputable websites I read, I learned that it's a really, really bad idea to whisper through laryngitis. You're better off either croaking (if you can) or writing things down. Or, presumably, signing, but if you're the only one in the room who knows a little ASL, it may as well be Mandarin. I was really surprised to read that whispering is as hard on the larynx as shouting. It doesn't feel that way to me. But I tried not whispering at all yesterday, and whaddaya know, I am starting to sound better today. Ordinarily, I'd have another day or 2 without a voice.

I croaked through the teachers' speech, everyone laughed at the right times and smiled at the right times, although I suspect that everyone really just wanted me to shut up so they could dig into their dinners. Still, it was fun.

I still have to teach all the next 2 weeks, so hopefully this voice thing will be completely healed by Monday. This weekend we're going to a birthday party, trying to get a visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins who are in town, and experimenting with pre-cooked frozen breakfast sandwiches. As in, making them from scratch, freezing them, and having quick, easy breakfasts all week. Has anyone ever tried to freeze cheese or scrambled eggs? Any advice before I ruin a bag of groceries?


PartnerInCrime said...

No advice, but if you figure out how to do the frozen breakfast thing, let me know. I've never tried it, I'd be curious to know if it works or not.
About the latest tweet: I hope e-baby is feeling better soon! Hopefully it's one of those 24-hour things & will be over & done with in no time.

Cat said...

She woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. She's still staying home today, since she'll probably crash out in the afternoon. My voice is recovered, and everyone else seems pretty healthy. SNG never catches anything.

sng said...

E had a sick-day and I had a well day staying home and playing with her. She was pretty much recovered by lunchtime, so we had a very fun day.

Mom said...

SNG, I'm soooo glad you have the job you have now!!
Glad to hear everyone's on the road to recovery.
L, Mom/Tuti

Judy said...

Cheese freezes really well. As far as scrambled eggs... Several large corporations make breakfast items that are sold in the frozen food isle - Jimmy Dean, Sara Lee, Aunt Jemima. None of them have stopped producing these so they must sell ok. Just remember that the bread/crossant/tortilla will steam in the microwave and water particles tend to make things soggy so take that into account when reheating. :-)

Cat said...

Thanks for the egg-cheese-toast advice. We pre-toasted the breads, and if we microwave them wrapped in a napkin, they come out really good- not soggy.