Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eventually Things Will Slow Down

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post-- sorry about that-- but I haven't slowed down much at all. My mom is going home in just over a week, and then a few days later, I'll be back at work. If things seem hectic now, I dread what they'll be like then.

We've been having fun and getting lots of busywork done. I got the baby announcements printed up (finally) and I might even get them sent out before Jambuca's first birthday. E-baby has adjusted really well to sisterhood, although I am really, really tired of getting up at night to help her get her pants back on when she's gotten up to pee at 3am. Baby brother wants to eat at 10pm, 1am, 3:30am, and 5am every night. To compound the sleep troubles, she is uninterested in her afternoon naps since we switched to daylight savings time. When she's at home, I only get good sleep when she takes a nap and someone else takes Jambuca for a couple of hours. Losing that will be really, really tough to handle. I have been making up for that relaxed, refreshed feeling with girl scout cookies.

Next week my dad comes to town, and the next weekend is Jambuca's baptism. We're all really excited about dad gettting to finally meet the baby, and I'm sure my mom is more excited than any of us.

This is a really boring post because I'm pretty much running on caffeine and sugar, so I'm going to go bury my brain in another terribly scripted episode of Madeline. The lyrics for the songs in that series make me twitchy.


Lizard Breath said...

I'm sure things will eventually slow down. Congrats on E-baby really taking to the potty training. Even if she is waking you a litte before Jambuca, you aren't having the change sheets! Your sleep will catch up, just like before. If you ever need to call anyone, we'll always answer the phone! Sorry we can't be there to lend a hand!

diana said...

Night Gowns!

Alphagal said...

Yeah, once summer comes we will switch her to night gowns. For now, we have her in warm PJs since her bedroom gets chilly at night.