Sunday, March 29, 2009

Comfort Food

So, to pass the time waiting for a baby to be born, I have a discussion question. I was thinking about what makes 'comfort food.' So leave me a comment with your idea of the ultimate comfort food meal (regardless of whether you could actually eat it).

I'll start.

Fluffy pancakes
Breakfast sausage patties
cheapo Aunt Jemima syrup (better yet- the stuff in the tubs at McDonald's)
Strong coffee

Tag! Your turn.


diana said...

Mac and Cheese with tuna!

PartnerInCrime said...

You're such a Yankee. You left off the critical 2 B's: bacon and biscuits.

Lizard Breath said...

Strong coffee with real half and half, none of that dried junk, and french fries with ranch dressing. Biscuits and gravy do well in a pinch too though!

SNG said...

I hearty endorse the list from my lovely wife. Pancakes. However, biscuits should not be left out, but like grits, probably not all 3 at once.
Can I finish by listing the entire breakfast menu from that little place in Chalmette? (probably not there anymore) I could eat like that everyday and I'd die young and happy and 400 lbs.

Judy said...

Mac&Cheese without a doubt! I also love mashed potatoes with gravy.

Eduth said... = comfort?

TexasRecyclingQueen said...

Hummm when WE were young, THE comfort food for people who were ill was toast -- liberally buttered, dipped in and immediately out of warm milk, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and then eaten in small bites. Just about all "Ooowies" can be cured with that. I still crave it when I feel poorly, but rarely indulge these days.

mom said...

reheated tamales
chocolate covered fruit flavored marshmallow Easter eggs
L, Mom