Monday, March 10, 2008

c-baby and e-baby

My cousin Partner In Crime, her husband LeBon and their c-baby just left this morning after a 3-day weekend of rainy day fun, house-hunting, BBQ, visiting, singing, dancing and general merriment. It was even more fun that I thought it would be, since the girls took to each other right away.

It's funny that they get along so well-- e-baby and c-baby have very different personalities. But I guess it's like that with PIC and me, and with our own moms as well, and yet we've always been very close. I think that we're different in the ways that make a friendship interesting, and similar in ways that mean you always sort of know what the other is feeling in some situation.

C-baby is so sweet and cuddly, and mellow, and just the best snuggler you've ever seen. On Friday we went to the children's museum, and she was happy to play with the toys wherever she was. We parked in the make-believe grocery store and she played with plastic fruit. When that got too boring, we moved to the make-believe stage and she played with dress-up shoes. No muss, no fuss, happy to play with all the cool stuff within arm's reach. Contrast that with e-baby, Miss Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal for whom the "e" clearly stands for electron, who disappeared every time I blinked. I found her in the play car with a strange boy, in the postal truck with another boy, in the ambulance with yet another boy, at the scrapbooking table with 2 girls I'd never seen before, and at the dress-up table with a girl who was trying to be polite about it, but really wanted e-baby to get the heck out of the hat-basket, all the while dancing, a river of toys in her wake. Oh, how I love the children's museum, where the workers buzz around cheerfully, tirelessly picking up all those toys and reshelving them.

Saturday and Sunday SNG and I kept both the girls while PIC and LB looked at houses. I was relieved that c-baby took to me easily, and e-baby was an unstoppable hug-and-kiss-the-baby machine. C-baby was mostly OK with the affection. But poor e-baby, this evening she asked "Where's baby? Hug baby?" She is also asking for Eyore now.

Last night we went to dinner with some friends of PIC. They were just the most delightful couple and I hope we'll be seeing them again sometime. E-baby ate a big dish of macaroni and cheese (um, actually, it was c-baby's macaroni and cheese since e-baby had no interest in her pizza. See? c-baby is so easy-going that she let e-baby eat all her dinner!) and e-baby then smeared cheese sauce onto her face and into her hair, requiring a hair wash when we got home, which c-baby presided over. Today they flew all day home. I haven't heard yet, but hopefully the flights went well.

Oh, and PIC will appreciate this: e-baby asked for "huss-puppies" over dinner tonight.


PartnerInCrime said...

"Huss puppies"!! I love it. Also funny that she's asking for Eeyore. See, we're going to turn your child into a TV junkie in just one weekend. :)
I think c-baby misses e-baby already. Every toddler we saw in the airport, she'd sort of point in their direction and then look at us with the big question mark look. Like, "hey, is that my friend? Where'd she go?"
We had SO much fun with you guys, and I really can't wait until we live closer so our girls can play more often. And we survived the flights home relatively easily, but all three of us are beat. We're planning on going to bed super-early tonight to adjust to the time change. Weird that it's only 8 here, but feels like 11 to us!

Lizard Breath said...

Sounds like a great trip! I wish we had some kind of kids museum here for Miss C to play in. We're kind of at a loss for rainy day activties here on island short of the pool and the library. Shame, since it does rain quite a bit.
Did PIC and LeBon have any luck in the househunting?

PartnerInCrime said...

We found a few neighborhoods that we liked, but tried not to focus on specific houses too much, since we're pretty sure that none of them will still be on the market by the time we're ready to move.
Does your library have a children's storytime? Our does, but it might be a King county thing, I'm not sure.

Lizard Breath said...

Yea, they do have that. I swear, I also heard there is a children's museum in Mt Vernon, which ya'll know is close in the grand scheme of distance here!