Friday, March 9, 2007

The trip to Seattle was surprisingly easy. Five months old, ten hours of airports/airplanes, and e-baby took it all in stride. She even flirted with many middle-aged businessmen and probably could have talked any one of them out of a college fund if she wanted to.

Mom met us at baggage claim (her flight from Austin landed about an hour earlier) and we headed off in our Bugsy Mallone-mobile for PIC's house. Which took 2 hours because of a closed road and a crazy detour. So by the time we reached PIC's house, e-baby wanted some DINNER! But then she was OK again. She slept that night from 8pm until 5am. I was up at 3:30. The next night she slept until 6:30. I was up at 5. It's funny to me that the baby adjusted to Pacific coast time in one night, and I still haven't quite made it.

c-baby developed a little bit of conjunctivitis, and I'm not sure whether e-baby has caught it or not. Just in case, I had her dr. prescribe a tube of eye-gloop that I'll use if the watery eyes turn into green gobbies.

Since we've been here, e-baby and c-baby have been bonding. They're going to be best-cousins. We hit Pike Place Market on Wednesady and visited the Best Music Store Ever. e-baby picked out a few musical instruments that she can grow into and a few shakers that she can use now.

c-baby is the cutest little slip of a thing you've ever seen. You already know this if you've gone to look at the pictures. I have some more terrific pictures and videos which I'll upload to YouTube when I get home.

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mom said...

What a great time we had! PIC looks fabulous! We were really sorry to miss D, but we'll be up there again probably within the year to see Lizard's little one and to be sure that Cate and ebaby stay bonded like their Moms have!
Seeing Kenna was great, too. Just not enough time with her.
L, Mom