Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Springtime in the woods at last! With it comes the yellow pollen-- so thick that it looks like smoke. So thick it makes it hard to see more than a block away. So thick that it stinks. Yup, stinky yellow pollen. It must be the Bradford Pear trees. Those things smell like dead rats, I tell you! They're so pretty that I guess people are willing to live with the smell, but I find it repulsive.

On Tuesday, e-baby had an appointment with a photographer, her first formal photo sitting. I bought 3 new baby dresses for this. The photographer came out to my office, where the landscaping is prettier than anywhere else, and we found a beautiful spot with weeping willows, a little stream, and a flowering dogwood tree.

E-baby was not in a mood to smile. She picked that day to start getting nervous about strangers. She wouldn't even face the photographer, who was a super-sweet, very baby-friendly person.

Hopefully we got some cute pensive-looking shots, but forget about that big-gummy-grin I love so much.

Later that same day she got 5 shots in the legs for her 6-month check-up. Poor little froggie. It was a rough day.

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