Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today is e-baby's 4-month birthday, and she had her 4-month checkup this afternoon. She's 50th percentile for height, weight, and headsize and she has accomplished all of her developmental milestones. They're sorted into categories, and looking at when she reached each of her milestones, she's ahead of schedule for gross motor skills and social skills, and only just on-time for fine motor skills. She can't play the violin but she can lift a Yugo with one arm if she needs to, and she'll charm the pants off of you while she's at it.

She charmed the heck out of the team of nurses required to hold her while she had her vaccinations. She was all laughs and giggles until the needles went into her pudgy little legs. E-baby turned a shocking shade of purple, ripped up the paper cover on the exam table, and then threw one of the nurses head-first into the sharps bin before the remaining nurses were able to restrain her.

Now she is sleeping off the soreness and I've posted some recent pictures so you can see just how long her hair has gotten. You can also see her in action playing with the toybar on her bouncy seat (a.k.a., The Office), sitting like a buddha in her Bumbo (who names these things?), and petting Peace and Fuzzy's dog DOTi. It's an action-packed set, I tell you.

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PartnerInCrime said...

Ok, I don't know what this says about our taste, but I bought that exact "Daddy does my hair" onesie at Target a couple of weeks ago myself. (I thought it would be even funnier if our baby turns out to be bald, which is entirely possible since she'll be half-Brit.)
And my mom gave me the green pj's with the cows on them (Mommy & Me brand, yes?). Too cute.
She's getting so big!! I can't wait to meet her in March!