Saturday, January 6, 2007

This week was the annual division meeting at work: 3 or 4 days when everyone in the division convene to discuss how awesome we were last year and how awesome we're going to be next year. We also attend lots of meetings to learn about the new technologies we'll have to develop training for in the next year or two. I always enjoy these meetings because I see people that I don't see very often.

It was also e-baby's first week at day-care full-time. That meant I had to drop her off at 8:50 (to get to the meetings by 9) and pick her up at 5:05 (because meeting ended at 5). It was constant motion- rush to get to work, rush to meetings, rush to go feed the baby, rush back to the meetings, rush to feed the baby, rush to eat a quick lunch, rush to the next meetings, rush to feed the baby, rush back to the meetings, rush to the car to pick up the baby.

All those good intentions to go workout over lunch? Yeah, not so much. But next week might work. I'll be in a web-based class from 12:30-4:30 3 days, but I think I could swing a workout before the class and just eat during it.

Today is epiphany, the last day of the Christmas season. So yesterday e-baby wore a Christmas outfit for the last time. We took some pictures. I'm sad to see the end of e's First Christmas. There will be other (probably more fun) Christmases with her, but no more First Christmases. Just like she'll never be 9 pounds again. And she was so leeeetle and cuuuuute and wriggly and floppy and I miss it already.

Now she is strong and powerful. Her day care teacher described her as a little fireball. I think that's right. A happy little fireball.


PartnerInCrime said...

Her little face is getting so animated! Too cute. :) (Love the red socks & baby Santa hat, too.)
And even though the first Christmas is always special, I imagine the best Christmases will be in a couple of years, once she's old enough to understand the whole Santa thing.
Also, LeBon used that January 6th = Epiphany excuse to not take down our Christmas tree until yesterday. The needles, my god, they are *everywhere*.

Twinkie#2 said...

I'm always sad when the 7th comes and marks the official end of Christmas. I just finished pulling our Christmas tree out to rest with all the other trees of Christmas past.
Jennifer and Roy are convinced that we made up Epiphany for extra gifts and another party. Got to love them!!
I loved my "Thank You" card and photo. She is woman hear her roar!!
Have you all decided on the date for her Baptism?

Alphagal said...

Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention that. Her baptism will be Saturday Feb 3rd.
We usually take down our Christmas stuff the weekend after Epiphany- it's the official end of the Christmas season and the beginning of Mardi Gras season! Talk about your excuses for a party! Now, where the heck will I find a king cake in this town?

SNG said...

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig!
Um, what the? Is it just me, or does the text in your profile seem a pit odd. Did blogger do that?

Twinkie#2 said...

I guess I could REALLY stretch this out and celebrate "Día de la Candelaría" on the 2nd of February with some tamales and atole.
Friday I bought a Rosca de Reyes (aka - Kings Cake) for work and one for home. The baby eluded me each time.
I have been looking over my schedule here at work and trying to figure my "real" responsibilities. If I can work a miracle can someone pick me up at the airport for e-baby’s baptism?

PartnerInCrime said...

I'm guessing you can special order king cakes online. Tiny plastic baby Jesus sold separately, of course.

Alphagal said...

Twinkie 2- YES OF COURSE WE CAN! That would be The Awesome!
PIC- I've been doing some hunting and found 3 NOLA bakeries that I know that'll ship king cakes for a Big chunk of change. I might go ahead and order one anyway to support local business.
Three years ago we were having galette de roi in Paris with my friend Shari. *sigh.* I better get going on e-baby's passport application.

mom said...

We'll probably stop in NO to visit on the way and we can pick a few cakes up so you can freeze them and pull them out one per week till Fat Tuesday. We'll probably stay a few days in Atlanta to visit all and sundry, but they should keep.
Ebaby looks just like SNG and just like all the little F3's..... hmmm are you sure Tony's not a Gates?
L, Mom