Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today we're heading out to Kerrville, Texas for the annual Rhodes Family Camping, Biking, Eating, and Polishing Firearms Easter Reunion. We had to miss last year's, so I'm really excited to be going this year. And for the first time since Twinkie #2's wedding, all 4 of the Twinkies (girl cousins on mom's side of the family) will be together. Yay! Maybe we can get thrown out of a pizza joint for being disorderly, just like old times.

And this year is also super because T&E and BigAl will be there. They're making noises about probably not doing much bike riding, but I think they're just buttering us up so they can dust us on the roads when we get there. I don't think they realize just how much slower I am on a bike than I was last year.

Which is kind of a funny thing. If I walk, I'm not much slower than before I was in my "delicate condition." Jogging is slower because I don't jog uphill (My heart rate spikes when I jog uphill. Weird), but on the flats I'm not any slower. But on the bike, I'm just SLOW. That bent-forward position combined with the crowded abdomen (and boy, howdy is it ever crowded in there) makes it uncomfortable to breathe heavy.

Pregnancy must be easier on taller girls because you have more abdomen space to fill up.

In isn't-that-neat news, last night I laid down to read a book in bed-- I always read on my stomach-- and pissed off the inch-high-private-eye. (S)he kicked up a riot in there. It was the first time I've felt the baby move that I was completely sure it wasn't gas. I think (s)he was mad that I was squishing him/her so badly. Oh, well, kiddo-- as long as you're living under my roof (um, uterus) you'll live by my rules!

Everybody have a terrific Easter!


PartnerInCrime said...

Aww, that's so cool that you felt him/her move!
Horror story (not intended to scare you, but...): I worked with a lady who was about 5' tall, and by the time she was 4 months pregnant, everyone was like "are you sure you aren't having twins??" Apparently when there isn't enough up-and-down room for the kid to grow, they tend to go straight out in front of you. By the time of her due date, she was practically as wide as she was tall.
(She did get back to her pre-pregnancy body in record time, I think mostly just to prove to everyone that it was all baby and not fat.)

alphagal said...

Eeek! Well, I'm not too surprised. My mom was the same way.