Monday, July 4, 2011

I Just Need a New Computer...and About 2 More Hours a Day

I haven't blogged in an elephant's age because my computer is crap. I'm so sick of waiting for every mouse click, and rebooting every now and then when the whole thing freezes up. I seem to have a bad graphics device, and it's a netbook, so it costs more to repair it than it would to replace the whole thing. I'm in the market for a new computer.
The other reason I haven't blooged much (or read anyone else's blogs, or kept up with twitter feeds, or much of anything else) is because of my New Year's resolution. I found myself 35 pounds overweight at Christmas, and resolved to lose at least 30 of it by the end of July. So far, I've lost 29, so that's on track. I also resolved to get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, but preferably 5-6 hours a week, with no more than 48 hours between workouts. And there's the pinch: all it takes is 45 minutes once a week to keep up a weekly blog post. And about 15 minutes a day to keep up with twitter feeds and a few friends' blogs. And those minutes have now been earmarked to get exercise. I get home from work, make dinner for the kids, make myself dinner, SNG gets home and eats while I keep the kids entertained until they go into the bathtub, then I put one into bed and while SNG puts the other into bed, I go for a workout, get back in time to shower and put myself into bed. Mornings aren't any easier, but recently I've started setting a 5:45 alarm to go running before anyone gets up. I've got to go to bed before 10 to make this work, and there's always cleaning up, laundry, last-minute work stuff, etc. This is how it is when I'm in town, which lately, hasn't been very much.
I have no idea how anyone has kids, a full time job, an exercise regimen, and stays connected. The easiest one to give up is the computer time. I'm having lots of fun without it.
Eh, we'll see what happens.


Nebeli said...

Oh Cat, I know exactly what you mean.

But don't feel guilty- you look FANTASTIC, and your family will appreciate your good health.

Hang in there, balance will find you. But to be honest, it sounds to me like you have already found it. :)

RecyclingQueen said...

I've missed your posting!

Tony said...

Hey! These "blog" things don't have "like" buttons!

Cat said...

OK, 2nd half New Year's resolution: post a blog entry at least every 2 week, but try for one a week. No matter how incredibly boring the posting might be. :-)