Friday, June 4, 2010

Customer Service Day! But first, a pity party.

First, this week...

has sucked.

I had the first of 3 major deadlines for this massive project at work on Wednesday at noon, and wouldn't you know, not 5 minutes after I turned everything over to the editors, I started feeling rotten- nauseated, feverish, mild sore throat. So, you know, the timing was good. I taught Wed afternoon and felt a little worse Wed night, but I had meeting Thursday and teaching Thursday afternoon, so I went to work (that was a mistake). By Thursday night, I felt like I'd been drinking lye. All night I tossed and turned with the pain of not being able to swallow. The glands in my neck were so swollen you could (still can) see them poking out. By this morning, it was hard to inhale through my mouth because my throat was so swollen.

I started thinking about maybe going to the doctor, but you know, they'll just tell me it's a virus and to wait it out and I'll feel like such a wuss for going to the doctor about a sore throat. But I went anyway. Good thing, because I have strep throat. Which, luckily, is treatable. But OUCH!!!!!

I think I had strep once in high school, but I'm not totally sure, but this is for sure the most painful throat thing I've ever had. Still not as bad as the ear thing in Ireland (was that streptocochlea instead of streptococcus?), but as far as throat things go, this is horrible. I've been on amoxicillin since this morning and yes, I stayed home from work today. And yes, I felt guilty about canceling a meeting with someone (whom I've already rescheduled with at least once), but I bet she'd rather cancel the meeting than CATCH STREP THROAT, right?

I can't nap because it hurts too much. There's no escape from the pain. Four ibuprofen every 4 hours, chloraseptic every hour or so, they don't do a whole lot to combat this.

Oh, yeah, I was going to tell you why this is Customer Service Day. Today, everywhere I went, I encountered super nice people working in menial customer service jobs. Must be a donut day thing. At the drug store, I got a sympathetic look from the pharmacist who said "I hope you feel better soon!" I hadn't even told her I was the sick one (although the raspy voice and hangdog look gave it away, I'm sure).

When I picked up the kids from daycare, I took them over to Walmart (yes, I know, I boycotted them for years, but now they have this sustainability index and so I'll go there no more than once a month  /rationalization). We picked out 2 presents for birthday parties e-baby's going to this weekend, and then she had to pee. In the bathroom, I discovered that Jambuca had blown out his pamper and had a smelly wet spot on the leg of his pants. *sigh* back into the store to get the cheapest diapers and wipes and a new pair of shorts from the clearance rack. The bathroom is right next to the returns dept at the rear of the store. I had the lady ring me up, and she recognized the graviy of the situation (e-baby told her ALL about it), and offered to look after e-baby while I changed Jambuca in the bathroom. The 2 ladies from photo processing showed her a bunch of pictures (heh- probably customers' orders). I was so grateful. When I came out, she had also attracted a manager who had given her a sheet of promotional Twilight tattoos. I've never seen greatness in the Walmart until today. It was refreshing. I want that nice lady to get a promotion.

After Walmart, I was dying of thirst and pain, so we stopped at ChikFilA and all 3 of us got milkshakes. It was Jambuca's first milkshake. You'd think he had just seen a glimpse of Heaven. The people at ChikFilA were also exceptionally helpful and friendly. Each of the kids went home with a new cow, and I didn't have to carry anything to the table myself. Except Jambuca, who wanted to go behind the counter and make some waffle fries.

Now I'm starting to wonder if all of this was because I looked SO pathetic and hangdog, in which case, that's kind of sad. But maybe because it's donut day, everyone was just in a better mood.


cindy w said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry you're sick! That sounds horrible, I don't think I've ever had strep. If you're still feeling miserable and can't sleep by Monday, call your doctor and ask for the cough syrup that's spiked with Vicodin. It definitely helps with the pain, or at least makes you happy enough that you no longer care. :-)

stant01 said...

I'm really sorry you're feeling bad, Sweetie. And really glad you managed not to pass it on to SNG and the kids!

Hope you feel better soon.
Love, DOD

stant01 said...

Donuts used to be my undoing at meetings at work. Someone would bring in a box and put them in the middle of the table, and of course I had to have one. Or two. Or.... And then twenty-thirty minutes later I'd get over the sugar buzz and fall asleep, or at least nod off. Very embarrassing, especially once when it happened during my annual appraisal. With my boss sitting across the desk from me...

And then finally one day I managed to convince myself of a GREAT TRUTH, to wit, nothing tastes as good as a donut smells. Nothing. Not even the donut. Since then I've found it easy to resist donuts; I've probably eaten only three or four in the last 15 years. And I almost never fall asleep in meetings anymore. At least not from sugar buzz and crash.

Fortunately no one ever brought mint chocolate chip ice cream to meetings.

LizardBreath said...

Sorry you were so sick! Hopefully you are feeling better by now.
Its great that for whatever reason you had a wonderful customer service experience. Its a shame that it is the exception rather than the rule.