Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend gardening projects

A few weeks ago, e-baby and I planted a ton of seeds: sunflowers and clover from her & Jambuca's Easter baskets, 2 packets of columbine (one is a double columbine, which I'd never seen), a packet of black-eyed susan vine, and a packet of shasta daisies. We used the peat pellets in a little tray-greenhouse thingie, and all but the columbines are sprouting. The columbine will take another week or 2.

Today I transplanted all the seedlings (now clover & sunflowers- they're already potted in their final home). And since the greenhouses are empty, I got more seeds: 2 kinds of nasturtium and 2 kinds of sweet-pea, both good for salads. They should sprout in about 2 weeks.

SNG took down all the boxwood shrubs out font, so we can till and replant with azaleas and, well, flowering plants like columbine, black-eyed susan vine, daisies, nasturtiums & black-eyed peas. He also fixed up my bike with a crazy new handlebar, which I love in spite of it looking dorky.


Lizard Breath said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

PartnerInCrime said...

LOVE that top picture of e-baby in just underpants & crocs. Looks like Jambuca enjoyed the outdoors a bit too.