Friday, January 16, 2009

Prom 2009

DANG it is COLD! Even with my built-in midsection space heater I was freezing by the time I'd completed the 10-yard walk from my car to the door of e-baby's daycare this morning. But the weather had to be this way because tomorrow night is the annual winter party (a.k.a. The Prom) that my compnay puts on every January. Several thousand of my closest colleagues and their significant others descend upon a large convention center to enjoy four ballrooms with bands (disco, rock & roll covers, jazz, and Sinatra covers), martini bars, food food and more food, and a casino. There's usually a mardi gras calibur elbow-to-elbow crowd from the front door to the back ballroom and everywhere in between, but surprisingly, the lines to the bathrooms are never too bad.

And it is always FREEZING cold the night of the prom. It's as though someone custom orders sub-freezing weather just in time for the party. Evening gowns are just not warm. Ever. This year is worse because all my maternity dresses are knee-length and sleeveless. Not really evening gowns, more like "little black dresses," but I'll be darned if I'm going to spend money on something fancier when I've only got 5 weeks left to be pregnant, ever, for the rest of my life. And no other proms to attend.

I am heartened by the fact that, unlike my first pregnancy, I've had little or no edema and so I won't have to wear extra supportive hiking boots with my little black dress. I can actually wear something silver and strappy and cute. But that also mean open-toed, and I just will. not. wear. pantyhose with open toed shoes. It's a personal quirk of mine. That knee-length dress will be really, really cold. Maybe I can get away with some wooly leg-warmers for the commute from the car to the door of the convention center. Or long johns, like we used to wear under our school uniforms. Ugh. Never mind, I'll just have to be cold.

On an unrelated note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Partner in Crime! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to H in Austin, too!!


diana said...

Ask yourself - At this point in my life: Can I see my own toes?
There are questions to ask yourself prior to going bare legged - If your exposed parts freeze off? How will this effect the frozen areas job perfomance?
And a two part question :
1)Will frost bite negatively affect appearance?
2)Is frost bite more or less unattractive than the same exposed areas being obscured/protected by stockings?
I suggest consulting with HR.

Granny said...

TIGHTS are very, very IN right now, and they come in lots of patterns & colors. And they are a lot warmer than bare legs, especially with a short dress. Not as warm a ski-pants, but a whole lot better than nothing!

Cat said...

but but but... OPEN TOED SHOES!
Diana does have a point-- in addition to not being able to SEE my toes, I also cannot PAINT them. Selecting a pair of closed-toed shoes would save SNG from having to give me a pedicure (again). And it would let me wear tights. But then I'd have to go buy some maternity tights. Queen-size will just bag up at my ankles, and my normal size? HA HA HA. I hope maternity tights aren't as expensive as maternity everything else.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday PIC. Can't wait to see you guys in March!
AG, I really don't know if you'll want to take fashion advise from someone who wore bright lime green tights with a shocking pink dress in the '70's, but here goes. Black low heels, thick black tights (think nuns in January) and a black dress. Top that off with the brightest, shiniest, shawl or evening jacket you can find.
Love, Mom

Granny said...

Re: bare legs--They'll be BLUE from the cold. And blue doesn't go with BLACK (well, unless you accessorize with BLUE accents--your fingers, maybe, or your nose??--or jewelry, or a blue bow in your hair?).

PartnerInCrime said...

Thank you for the birthday shout-out. :)
And FWIW, I agree with everyone else about tights & close-toed shoes. Yes, I'm sure that the shiny, strappy ones make you feel cute & sexy, but: DUDE. You are practically 9 months pregnant. In January. It's time to be more practical than fabulous.
I just did a quick check online - the Motherhood store has black lycra opaque tights for $7.98. I'm sure you can scrape together a measly eight bucks in exchange for avoiding frostbite.

Granny said...

Susie--I wore MY lime green tights in the sixties, with a multi-bright-colored, horizontal striped, wool long-sleeved mini-dress. And my tights were MESH. I actually did wear this outfit to a couple of parties in grad school at Penn State.
Cat, please don't take any fashion advice from me!