Monday, November 17, 2008


The house is finished!! We moved home again last weekend!!

Well, there's a little more stuff to do outside, but nothing that will require adjusting our lifestyles. Friday night we had "a picnic" in the house. SNG moved stuff from storage rooms to other places and I started the process of cleaning every single dish in the kitchen, and every single piece of exposed fabric in the house since everything-- cabinets or no-- was covered in a layer of sheetrock dust. E-baby kept herself busy with emptying out the cabinets, and we all had a good time staying up too late and eating on the newly finished floors.

Saturday morning I dropped e-baby at Season's house, where she played and played and wore herself out for a whopping afternoon nap. I met the housecleaners at the house at 8:30am, and we cleaned in tandem-- the whole house, top-to-bottom, twice-- while SNG continued moving things from storage rooms to their final resting places. No, we are nowhere near finished with that. There's still dust, and there's still stuff being stored in wierd places. In the afternoon I packed the apartment, we ate out Saturday night (and ordered a houseful of new cellular blinds) and tried to sleep.

At 5:30 Sunday morning, E-baby was too excited to sleep. So were SNG and I. We started working on the house again, and then I took e-baby to spend the day with her cousin C-baby. PIC is a total mommy ninja, and managed to get both girls to take a nap-- at the same time-- in the same room!! I am not worthy. Peace, Fuzzy, Dianaverse, and 2 friends from church came to help move everything (Peace and I are as useless with heavy lifting as a couple of waddling pregnant ladies can be, but we're great at lifting with our index fingers), and SNG and I spent all afternoon making the upstairs a safe place for loose toddlers who escape from their bedrooms in the middle of the night. Because, you know, we have one of those now.

Last night we slept in our "new" house. E-baby slept as well as she's slept since August. Maybe because she had so much fun at c-baby's, maybe because she's back in a room that isn't adjacent to a road with giant pickup trucks barreling over speedbumps with super-loud music blaring all night long. That would help me sleep, too.

I actually slept very poorly, because the paint/varnish/carpet/sheetrock fumes are killing me. I think the varnish is what's getting me, although it's hard to say.

I don't know what we'd have done with e-baby underfoot-- we just got so much work done in two days, and it's still nowhere near finished. We might have only moved a few things to the apartment, but we moved EVERYTHING else to other rooms in the house, and it all got dirty. Having Karma and PIC take care of e-baby Saturday and Sunday was a lifesaver.


Lizard Breath said...

Congrats to all! When I read PIC's blog entry about the two girls, I thought, wow, maybe she has a second calling? :) Glad you are moved into your "new" house! Congrats to Peach on the soon to be little one. How busy busy you all must be!

PartnerInCrime said...

Seriously, my big secret? I put both girls in bed, turned on a Baby Einstein lullaby CD, and I sat on the floor and played Legend of Zelda on the Gameboy until they fell asleep. (The Gameboy helps because they know I'm there, but I'm not making eye contact and interacting.) It worked like a charm. But don't go thinking that I'm going to start my own daycare business or anything. I think two toddlers is my maximum capacity. :)
Sorry the varnish is bothering you. I'm sure it'd just about kill me too, I can never handle fumes like that. Another reason being pregnant stinks - you can't take any of the good antihistamines!

Lizard Breath said...

Correction to my comment, congrats to Peace (sorry for the typo!)

Christa said...

Congratiolations to you;-) I'm soo happy for you all, that the house is ready do move in again. The addition to the house looks beautiful. I once in a while checked out SNG' blog and looked at the pics. For me, it is still amazing how fast the builders worked. Here in Germany it would took at least 6 month or longer to get the same stuff done.

Cat said...

Hi Christa! Yeah, the builders really took me seriously when I said that it was most important to have it done quickly. The old adage that a job can be done {[well, inexpensive