Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Have Learned This Lesson Before

This morning, e-baby and I went out to play with c-baby and PIC. The girls ran themselves silly at the playground, and afterwards we went out for lunch. When we left, it wasn't all that late, but it was getting close to e-baby's nap time. She was asleep around the time we left the restaurant parking lot. With the drive to PIC's house and the drive home again, it would have been impossible to keep her awake, but I held out hope that I'd be able to get her upstairs without waking her up, and she'd still get a nap. HA! Not on a bright sunny day. So for the next 90 minutes, e-baby screamed like her hair was on fire. No words, just hyperventalating, panicky, eyes-half-closed screaming. We eventually gave up on sleep and put her back into the car. SNG dropped me at Target, and e-baby settled down on the way there. They drove around aimlessly for another hour while I shopped. She, staring into space (but not sleeping) and he wondering just how far you can go on Holly Springs Rd before it becomes something else. She was never back to normal the rest of the day, and I think her missing the nap took its toll on me-- I am POOPED. She was asleep by 8:00, though.

I am newly obsessed with this stuff. In the past, Crystal Light hasn't been one of my favorite things. IN fact, I usually don't care for it-- it tastes too much like artificial sweetener. But this one is just SO GOOD. And best of all? It mixes to a shade of red that can only come from nature or a laboratory.

Speaking of consumer goods, about a year ago I mentioned to my dentist that my teeth were cold-sensitive and always had been as long as I could recall. He gave me a sample of Brand X sensitive toothpaste. I loved it. I couldn't find it at the store. So instead I got Brand Y sensitive, and it was OK. Not great, but OK. Fast-forward to yesterday. I decided to try for the Brand X again. No luck on the Sensitive, but they did have Brand X Total Nighttime, which claims to make your teeth whiter, less sentitive, less plaquey and tartery, straighter, pearlier, bite-ier, and to eliminate morning breath, along with whatever else they could think of to attribute to one single active ingredient. I took my bountiful promise home and tried it out before bed. No sooner had I rinsed and spit when I realized that ever bit of mucous membrane that had contacted the toothpaste was swollen and painful. It didn't go away. I woke up feeling like I had a terrible sore throat and the insides of my cheeks, lips, roof of my mouth all felt like I'd gargled with Drano. I compared the tube to the other three varieties of toothpaste I have (yeah, variety is good) and none of them used the same type of flouride, true, but the "inactive ingredient" list was fully twice as long as anything else I already owned, so who knows which thing I'm allergic to. I just know I'll never use it again.

At Target today I found the Brand X Sensitive like my dentist gave me. It is good. The mouth lye has been banished.

Wanna see pictures from the birthday party? Finally, here they are. Thanks, Dianaverse, for all of the cute pictures!

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