Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Two-Day!

Happy Birthday, e-baby!

She started her 2-year old class full-time yesterday and had a great day, but one day was all it took for my sweet, gentle little girl to become a rowdy, bawdy, feet-on-the-table raucous two-year-old. It's like someone replaced her with a clone who doesn't care if you approve of what she's doing now, and in fact if you DON'T approve, so much the better. In two hours after school she:
* jumped on my head in a classic mid-south wrestling move
* flipped upside-down from a chair many times while holding my hands
* tried repeatedly to put her hand through the window screen while looking me straight in the eye as if to say, "What are you going to do about it, lady?"
* put her (full) glass of water into a ziplok bag with a whistle and a crayon since, you know, they were all in the same room
* mashed a banana into the carpet
* poured milk all over one of her dolls for fun
* walked onto (and stood on) the book I was reading on the floor an did a little tap-dance
* dropped hair accessories into my water glass so she could go "fishing" for them
* chewed on wet hair accessories while humming Old MacDonald

Mind you, she's long since learned how NOT to mash banana into a carpet and not to pour anything on her dolls, is not a kid who puts things into her mouth in general, and this is just experimenting with misbehavior. I know that right now, letting things slide without correction would be a terrible mistake, so I spent the whole evening saying "No ma'am, that is NOT ok. Please put down..." "Only food goes into your mouth" and "No, you need to help clean up the mess before you can..."

I suppose that it's all part of becoming her own dog. The gentle girl is still in there somewhere, and once she plays out this new obnoxious identity, she'll settle into something in-between. In spite of being chided for this or that, she's very interested in impressing me with her new tricks. I think she wants to know which of her newly-acquired behaviors from the older kids at school are OK to do at home.

My favorite new 2-year-old trick-- she finally understands that looking UP instead of DOWN keeps water/soap from dripping into her eyes when we wash her hair. Seriously, this is huge. The girl was BORN terrified of water on her face and has NEVER peacefully complied with a hair-wash until the last 2 weeks, when all my explanations of "look UP at the CEILING and you won't get water in your face" finally reached neural terra firma. I don't know whether it's better reasoning skills or just having the swimming pool that did it, but I don't really care. It's just great to know that she will not, in fact, spend her adult life with greasy hair because she's too afraid to wash it herself.
So Happy Birthday to my most wonderful, delightful, intelligent, witty, talented and mischievous girl. I can't wait to see what this year will bring. I love you more than you can ever imagine.


diana said...


AmazonQueen said...

Happy Birthday!!
You forgot to mention her fierce fashion style... work that hat sista!!

PartnerInCrime said...

Happy 2nd birthday, e-baby! Love that hat!
I know it probably wasn't funny on your end, but all of her new "naughty" behaviors are pretty funny to read about. This is what happens when she hangs out with an older crowd. :)
Oh, and congrats on the hair-washing! I know that's been a problem for ages, so it's great that it's finally gotten easier for both of you.

Granny said...

Re: "ever imagining"--She will not understand at all, until she has a child of her own. Then it will hit her like a bolt of lightening!
Happy Happy Birthday, Elizabeth

Mom said...

Happy Birthday my sweet EBaby! Can't wait to get up there and see her sassy two year old self in person! Did her package arrive?
Love, Tuti

Cat said...

Yes- and she LOVED it all. But then, by now, you know that already. ;-)

Lizard Breath said...

Happy Birthday, Ebaby! We know that you are just checking out your world and that you will be able to separate what is ok at school and home. Until then, try to keep your Mommy from losing her mind, ok? We love and miss you!