Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Improvement Project Unofficial Start

To do our big renovation, the builders will have to tear down the back deck. To tear down the back deck, we need to move the kayaks (who currently reside under the deck with a small colony of green tree frogs who will also have to be displaced. I hope they mingle well with the Shed Frog Colony or the Wheelbarrow Frog Colony). To move the kayaks, we need a place for them to go (the Wheelbarrow Frog Colony won't have them) and a natural choice is hanging from the ceiling of the garage. But to do that, we have to replace our old, perfectly functional albeit COMPLETELY jerry-rigged garage door opener which spans the entire length of the garage ceiling to bypass a poorly-placed roof beam with one that costs 5x more and resides compactly alongside the shaft that opens the door, with a total footprint of 0 space on the ceiling and about 1/2 sq ft on the wall. With the garage door opener installed, the ceiling in the garage is cleared with enough space for 2 kayaks (and one more bike! Tiny, tiny, Colnago- come to me!). Then the demolition can begin on the deck. After that, the new section of house can be built.

Yesterday, we got the new garage door opener installed. We still don't have final drawings or even a building permit, but we have a home for the kayaks. Let the project begin! (so that it can end!)

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