Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She Really Is My Child After All

Quick update from South Carolina.

Mom and e-baby did some shopping while I taught all day. When we were back in the room this evening, mom showed me her purchases: lots and lots of shoes-- mostly strappy sandals. When I dumped them onto the floor to look at them, e-baby, who had been cruising around the couch, said "SQUEE!"and walked 3 steps over to the shoes, where she proceeded to play with ALL of them. She was so dazzled that she forgot that she wasn't supposed to walk. It was the first time I've seen her do it.
That's my girl.


LizardBreath said...

That's too funny! At long last you have seen e-baby walk! I told you she was just waiting for the right motivation to show you! Yea walking!

PartnerInCrime said...

That is hilarious. Can't blame the girl for wanting access to the shoes.

Dad said...

Hmmm, I begin to think you all should have named her after your Mom.
Or maybe Imelda?
Love (and wishing I were there!),