Monday, March 20, 2006

Tomorrow I head out for San Francisco to attend and teach at the Big Annual Conference. It's a 9-day trip and you might think that in that time I'd be able to do plenty of navel gazing, but you'd be wrong. For one thing, there's ALWAYS something going on at the Big Annual User-group Conference, since so many coworkers are there and these folks always have energy to party. On top of that, every conference in San Francisco is action-packed because for some reason I have ended up having lots of friends (users and clients) who show up to user group conferences on the west coast. Odd because I've never lived further west than Dallas.

My manager and his manager are also big party-animal types. In past years I've managed to impress The Powers That Be in my department with my two-handed martini handling prowess, and drunken one-handed cartwheels without spilling my drink. The stories are hallway legend to this day. This time around I'll be giving the devil-horns with my Perrier & Lemon while everyone else staggers about with their Sonoma wines.

SNG's new pet-name for me is Designated Driver. I guess it makes up for me calling him Wallet all these years...


PartnerInCrime said...

Love the photo. Have fun, Designated Driver. :)
If you get a chance, say hi to our aunt (who I can't think of a good blog nickname for) while you're in the Bay Area.

SNG said...

Alphagal is still in San Francisco, but her laptop's hard drive is now in the great hacker-land beyond. Or, whever dead hardware goes.
So, no bloggy.
However, her photo did make it onto's latest reader photo gallery. She looks fast, don't you think? (follow this homepage link, below)

SNG said...

Or, this link. Much shorter.