Monday, January 30, 2006

"ACHOOOOO!!! (hack-hack-hack) BRAAAAAP! *hic!* UGGGGH",
"The sound of sleeping next to Cat."

I'm sick! It's so un-fun. What I thought last Thursday was a cold, mixed with maybe a little disagreement with something I ate, is turning out to behave more like a flu. I haven't barfed, but I feel like I'm going to most of the time. And the sneezing is the most violent sneezing I've ever experienced! I swear I'm going to squeeze some brain out my ears one of these sneezes.

Believe it or not, there's a good side to this story. I was supposed to go teach in New Jersey this week, but the client moved the class to May (which will make 14 teaching engagements in 14 weeks starting as soon as we get home from Europe, oh joy) and while I was NOT pleased about it at the time, in retrospect it was a positive karmic turn for my health. We've discussed how much fun it is to fly when sick, and I've had to teach while running to the restroom to wretch and hurl. Lemme tell you- no fun at all. So I don't have any travel until Feb 14 when mom and I meet up in Miami and sleep all the way to Madrid.

Oh, and the title? Tell me if I'm not the only one who gets this way, please! Whenever I'm sick, I burp a lot. What the-- why? Do I suck in a lot of belly air when I sneeze? And I get the hiccups more than normal, too. Or maybe I just notice it more, because when your ears are full of gloop and you hiccup, the pressure differential is really painful.

So today I'm going to the health care center. They will tell me I have a cold or a flu, that there's not much they can give me that I can't go get at Eckerd's myself but here is a prescription that will makes your visit to Eckerd's at least 30 minutes longer, thanks for dropping in. But I want to go so I have some excuse to work from home this week. Because I'm sure my colleagues, whose travel schedules are a bit busier than mine right now, surely don't want this bug.

What a fun post! Maybe to increase the entertainment value, I should give you very detailed descriptions of my symptoms! Oh wait, I already did that. No need to thank me, just leave a little something in the comments. Like a box of tissue.


PartnerInCrime said...

Hmm, I don't know about the burping thing, I've never noticed that I do it more when I'm sick. On the other hand, I'm already a pretty violent burper as it is. (I've been known to scare sleeping cats right off of my lap and onto the cieling.)
And the hiccups suck, whether you're sick or not. Hope you feel better soon!

alphagal said...

Thanks. I'm getting better, but this is one persistent cold. I found out it isn't actually a flu, so I guess that's good. :-)