Monday, April 25, 2005

Tomorrow I'm headed to Denver.

I really like going to Denver, and right not it's the only kind of trip for me. You see, my first triathlon is in less than 2 weeks, and a month ago I set a goal to drop 4 pounds before the event. I've dropped... one. No, I don't expect to drop 3 pounds by May 8, but I sure don't want to gain any. You see, I bought myself a fancy-pants new wetsuit and maybe this makes sense? but they don't make triathlon wetsuits for short and un-skinny people. No kidding! Ladies- try to find yourself on the Women's height/weight chart for wetsuits (no fair looking at men's sizes- they're shaped funny). Unless you're tall-ish, and skinny-ish, you're not on there! I happen to be right at the upper edge of one of the sizes for short people and let me tell you, putting it on, I know I can't spare an ounce. So lest my wetsuit hang in the closet for the triathlon, I would do well to drop a half pound or so.

Anyway, Denver is good because the hotel has a kitchen and it's next door to a big grocery store. There's 24-Hour-fitness down the road that has terrific aerobics and spinning classes. It's in the mountain time zone, which means I will get up early enough to workout.

But it takes about 19 hours to get there, and I can NEVER get the first class upgrades. You know, I have 20 (TWENTY) free upgrade credits in my American Airlines account and I've never been able to use even one because they fill the seats by priority-- Exec Platinum first, then Platinum, then Gold, then Mere Mortals. I am Gold. Each year I'm about 4000 miles short of Platinum and those b*&%ards get all the upgrade priority.

So iPod will be charged up, and I'll bring a good movie and spend all day tomorrow and all day Saturday on an airplane, sitting on the runway at O'Hare for at least 2 hours.

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PartnerInCrime said...

More power to you on the wetsuit thing. That is one item of clothing that you will NEVER see me in, for 2 big reasons:
1) Me and spandex - eh, not so much.
2) I don't swim in natural bodies of water (lakes, oceans, etc.), which would necessitate a wet suit. Can't explain why, just the thought of fishies or other critters swimming around me that I can't see... oh lordy, NO. I swim in chlorinated pools, end of list.