Monday, March 14, 2005

OK, so as you have no doubt noticed by now, I have finally started using Hello to post pictures to my blog. Which is really neat and fun, but they're posting as posts, and I think I'd rather have them in the margin somewhere. Unfortunately, I am a klutz with all object-oriented languages, so trying to work out the html to get a separate column in my blog that only posts pictures will be a chore that I'm probably too lazy to take on.

Since my blog automatically archives, I guess I'll just have to keep my pictures up-to-date! That's probably a good idea anyway.

We had a fun weekend. SNG and I are starting to feel guilty about having such nice weekends during lent. Maybe we should drive up to Erie next weekend for penance. I am sure I just jinxed us really bad there. Anyway, we went on the frosty 50 ride Saturday and it wasn't frosty at all. But it was very very windy. The kind of thing where you ride along nestled as close as possible to the rear wheel of the rider in front of you, wheezing for breath, and look down to find you're going 13 mph.

And on the way back-- everyone is gunning down the road at 23 mph with the wind at our backs, one guy empties his bottle on the ground just before the last hill of the ride and there's a mad dash for the bike shop. At that point everyone has forgotten that there ever was a headwind.

We did some shopping later and bought a new George. We got the "next generation" one with the removable grill plates. The old miniGeorge is going to Goodwill. For fun we grilled all the vegetables that could be balanced on the grill plates without rolling off and then we grilled some wet paper towels, our fingers, whatever we could find. A good time all around.

Sunday we took an easy trail ride with some friends who are going on the Montreal trip this summer. We watched the water in Umstead park. We passed a lot of horses. And horsepoo. And afterwards we went swimming, but not serious swimming. More like put-on-the-fins-and-see-how-fast-you-can-get-across-the-pool swimming. And practice-walking-handstands-up-&-down-the-lane swimming.

In other words, we didn't do anything responsible at all. Yay!


Diana said...

Edit the post after it has shown up on the site, you can then move the code for the pix any where you want it. I can show you.

Cat said...

yay! Thanks. I'll take you up on that.